Office aerobics relax tired body


Office aerobics relax tired body

Even if you sit in front of the top, you can do a simple lower hip gymnastics. The focus of the movement is to bend the waist to the hips like a cat.

As soon as you feel that your hips are a bit sour, or you feel a little tired, you can try it right away.

銆€銆€The back muscles and abdominal muscles can relieve pain or fatigue in the lower back and prevent lower back pain.

The training head of the abdominal muscles hangs down, and the double hand holding the chair is lifted up.

At this time, the lower abdomen is forced to arch the body, keep this position, stop breathing 3?
5 seconds, then slowly exhale, lift your head.

This action is done 5 times.

The cheekbone chair with the broken leg and thigh is full, the backrest is close to the back of the chair, one foot is on the chair, the two hands are hugged and placed, inhale, and when the exhalation, the foot is stepped on, stop for about 5 seconds, and the foot is lowered.This action is done 5 times each.

銆€銆€The sports chair sits down, hands akimbo, slightly arched, the lower abdomen is forced, the head hangs down, the eyes look at the position of the navel, lasting about 10?
15 seconds, 5 times in a row, which can reduce the pain or fatigue of the lower limbs, of course, can also prevent lower back pain.

銆€銆€Lumbar homing exercise with both hands on the lower abdomen, the lower abdomen force, the body bowed, stop breathing about 3?
5 seconds, then slowly exhale, the body will stand up.

This action is done 5 times to correct the distortion of the lumbar spine and the tilt of the pelvis, as well as to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

銆€銆€The salute movement sits on the chair, arms clasped in both hands, and the two feet are slightly wider than the other, stretched and bent at 90 degrees, inhale, slowly exhale the upper body and lean forward, stop for 5 seconds, and then lift the upper body slowly.

If you look up first, it will increase the burden on the lower end point, then it will only look up.

This action can contract the muscles of the back muscles and hips.

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