[Effects of Aphrodisiac Fruit]_Recommended Diet

[Effects of Aphrodisiac Fruit]_Recommended Diet

Fengliu Guo, also known as “Aphrodisiac Fruit”, has the effect of aphrodisiac and nourishing kidney as its name implies.

Its efficacy is more powerful than impotence, the following editor will give you a detailed introduction to this amazing fruit.

Merry fruit smells like walnuts, with a fresh woody aroma.

Remove the shell, the nuts are sweet.

It is produced in Guangxi, southern Xinjiang, and parts of Guangdong. It is mainly grown in mountains and likes high temperature environments. It only bears fruit every three years.

Efficacy: Merry fruit-rich in vitamins, trace elements required by the human body, protein and trace, cellulose, etc.

It is a fruit with high nutritional value. The main edible effects are as follows.


Reinforcing kidney and aphrodisiac, relieving back pain caused by kidney deficiency, backache, weak limbs, and sweating.


Jianwei digestion, promote digestion, relieve food on the stomach and relieve flatulence3.

Relieves limb edema.


Relieves diarrhea and hypertension, internal hemorrhoids and blood in the stool.


Enhance human immunity, full of toxicity, strong legs and feet.


Regulates the endocrine system, improves sleep, regulates complexion, etc.

Two methods of consumption are recommended: Merry Fruit Sparkling Wine 1, Merry Fruit Sparkling Gram 500 grams, and Liquor above 50 degrees 4,000 grams.

2. Wash the current fruit, put it in a sealed soak container with liquor for 30 days-45 days, then place it.

3, about 15 ml daily, should not drink more, a small amount daily.

Efficacy: Strong kidney and impotence, strong waist and strong bones, is the first choice for kidney tonic wine.

Dabuqi Blood Pork Bone Soup 1, 20 grams of aphrodisiac, 500 grams of big bones or ribs, and 1 carrot.

2. Cut the bone into pieces, put a spoonful of cooking wine and water, skim off the blood foam, and set aside.

3, take the soup pot, put the bones, impotence fruit, carrot pieces together into the pot and add water.

4, add onion ginger, a spoonful of soy sauce, salt.

5. After the high heat is boiled, simmer for 1 hour on low heat and serve immediately.

Efficacy: qi and blood, strong bones and bones, more suitable for the elderly.

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