Netizens share the recipe for treating old cold legs: Chinese medicine soaking feet

Netizens share the recipe for treating “old cold legs”: Chinese medicine soaking feet

My father has “old cold legs”. When the weather is cold, the legs are sore, hemp, swollen and painful.
To this end, I spent a lot of thoughts, the last year I bought knee pads, last year bought warm pants.
Last week, I bought him a foot bath, the kind that can be submerged to the calf when you soak your feet at night.
In the evening, when my father sat on the sofa and watched the TV while bathing his feet, he even screamed with a scent.
  It is no accident to buy a foot bath for his father.
In the past two years, our hospital opened a leg treatment clinic. To this end, the hospital purchased 30 foot bath barrels.
More than a year has passed, and I have found that the intractable diseases of many patients have been alleviated unconsciously.
  In fact, most of our life in the foot bath is the basin, so that it can only be submerged to the ankle.
If you choose a moderately sized wooden bucket to soak your feet, hot water can be submerged to the calf, which is better for promoting blood circulation.
  Chinese medicine believes that “the meridians have passed, the attending and the treatment”, meaning that as long as you stimulate the meridians through the acupuncture points, they can play a therapeutic role in their corresponding organs.
Take the leg bath, the general foot bath can only stimulate some acupuncture points on the foot, but the leg bath can not only stimulate the acupuncture points of the foot, but even some important acupuncture points on the calf can be “take care of”.
  For example, there is a point on our calf called Sanyinjiao, which is the junction of the liver, kidney and spleen.
When the legs are bathed, the acupuncture points can be stimulated with hot water to achieve the effects of regulating the liver, kidney and spleen.
In addition, the Yanglingquan point that stimulates the legs can regulate the liver and gallbladder; the stimulation of Zusanli can regulate the stomach.
That is to say, although the leg bath has a small calf more than the foot bath, it can adjust the internal organs of the person, and the effect will certainly be better.
  Let me talk about the healing method of my father’s old cold legs.
  Use the juice to carry out the leg bath, not to mention the effect.
When my father soaked his feet, I gave him a prescription: 30 grams of clematis, stretched grass, 20 grams of mulberry parasitic, angelica, salvia, spatholobus, 12 grams of white peony, Qin dynasty, hematoxy, scorpion,15 grams each.
  This formula is used for soaking feet, so it doesn’t have to be as troublesome as picking up a soup.
After taking the medicine every night, remove the medicine residue and add enough water in the medicine to soak your feet.
If you are so troublesome, you can also use boiling water to soak these herbs for half an hour, soak your feet with medicine.
Although this process is exempted, the efficacy will be worse.
  After telling me after the leg bath, my father told me that when he was in the leg bath, he not only felt sleepy, but after he finished, the whole body would sweat slightly. It was a kind of hearty comfort.
  In fact, many treatment methods are connected.
Take the method of leg bath. When you are in the leg bath, if you can massage a few minutes on the leg, the effect of the leg bath will naturally be much stronger.
By analogy, if you are uncomfortable, in addition to taking medicine, you can also find uncomfortable acupoints on the body, massage more, so that “two-pronged”, the problem can be eliminated early.

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