Babies under 3 months can use pillows

Babies under 3 months can use pillows

Ms. Shen just gave birth to a big fat boy. She was also happy and encountered many new mothers’ wounds.

For example, what milk powder to choose, what urine to wet, cribs, etc. Recently, Ms. Shen struggled to choose a pillow.

The old man said to use buckwheat pillows, some friends recommended plastic pillows, and some people said that the best baby pillows are.

Faced with a variety of baby pillow products on the market, Miss Shen felt at a loss.

So do babies need sleeping pillows?

What kind of pillow should I choose if needed?

Does the pillow affect the development of the head shape?

  Infants under three months can use pillows. The deputy chief physician of the Department of Child Health Care of Nanjing Children’s Hospital, Mao Chunting, said that in fact, newborn babies generally do not need pillows. When newborn babies lie on their backs, their backs and backs are on the same plane, their necksNaturally, the hip muscles are relaxed, and the baby’s head is large, almost as wide as the shoulders. When lying on the side, the head and the body are on the same plane at the same time, so you don’t need a pillow.

  At this time, more attention should be paid to the baby’s sleeping position.

Newborns are basically in sleep state from morning till night. They will not turn over themselves. Parents should pay attention to changing the sleeping position for their children. The combination of prone sleep, side sleep, and supine sleep can effectively protect the baby’s head.Shape, in general, changing the sleeping position once every 4 hours is more appropriate.

Pay attention to the baby’s auricle when sleeping on its side to prevent it from being squeezed. If the baby is prone to spill milk after feeding, the baby can be placed in the right position after feeding to reduce milk spillage.

If the baby is less than 3 months old, if the child is wearing thick clothes and there is a gap between the back and the back of the head, fold the soft towel in half and pillow the baby’s head to sleep.

  Infant pillows are made of cotton and breathable. Through the development of the body, the child’s shoulders gradually widen. In order to protect normal physiological bending and maintain normal physiological activities during sleep, pillows should still be used when sleeping.

  What kind of pillow is a good pillow?

Experts say that a good pillow can support the cervical spine well.

Without it, sleep quality will be greatly reduced.

First, after 3 months, parents can choose the right pillow for their child.

The principle of choosing pillows is mainly natural and breathable, and it is best to replace cotton pillow cases.

The filling of the pillow is best to pick up natural plants, such as reed flowers, rapeseed and so on.

  Deputy Chief Physician Mao Chunting suggested that infants and young children must avoid using over-sized pillows. Long-term use of slightly over-sized pillows may cause skull deformation or distorted faces, reduce face size, and affect aesthetic appearance.

For example, the buckwheat pillow that adults like to use is a bit too hard for babies.

And for the various shape pillows bought outside is not very easy to say, but parents should pay attention to whether there is a smell.

In addition, softness and breathability must also be considered.

Because the baby sweats a lot when sleeping, if the pillow is not breathable, it is easy to have cripples.

The height of the pillow is generally the extra height of an adult man’s fist.

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