Month: February 2020

Soothing yoga moves to relieve insomnia Insomnia is a common phenomenon in urban people. It is difficult to fall asleep or even sleepless all night. Then you might as well do home yoga exercises before bed to help relax and treat insomnia.   Rabbit style 1, kneeling, sitting on the hips above the heels, hands naturally […]
Eat squid without getting fat, eat cuttlefish to nourish you “A mouthful of squid is equal to 40 mouthfuls of fat. “The long-circulated narrative on this network has made many people pull squid into the” black list “of healthy foods early. In fact, squid, cuttlefish, etc. not only have low plasma levels, but also have […]
Chinese medicine diet health prescription helps you stay away from presbyopia According to Chinese medicine, presbyopia is caused by sufficient kidney water and insufficient blood. Therefore, diet therapy method presbyopia should choose Yishen prescription. In this way, presbyopia can eat more black beans and black sesame, wolfberry, chrysanthemum and other soups or porridge. Stay away […]
Six possibilities for harmonious sex Sexual behavior has always played a very important role in human development. Sexual blessings are also a major event that comes with life. In general, harmonious sex has five major benefits, each of which should be recognized.   1, promote health There is evidence that marriage happy people continue to live […]
How Chinese medicine treats liver cancer Liver cancer is the king of cancer, with a high mortality rate and rapid development. Western medicine is also helpless for liver cancer. For patients with advanced liver cancer, the length is 1-2 years, and the short is 2 months or even shorter. So how does Chinese medicine treat […]
3 behaviors that can make your fingers full of bacteria The tip of the finger is the part of the body that touches the face most. In fact, your fingers are far more dirty than you think, and they are several times dirtier than the toilet seat in the toilet. In daily life, certain behaviors […]
Psychotherapy for Internet Addiction 1. Cognitive Therapy Cognitive Reconstruction: Changing its firm and stubborn beliefs, such as “Games are awesome”, “Internet access is fun”, “There is nothing more exciting than Internet access” (Socrates questioning, debate can be usedLaw): Motivation for Internet access, attitude to the Internet: Do not emotionally dislike and replace it, adopt a […]
Scorpion can eat longevity like this The scorpion is sweet and has the effect of nourishing the liver and tonifying the kidney. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that “the long-term service is strong and the bones are not old, and it is resistant to cold and heat.” Traditional Chinese medicine often uses it to […]
Babies under 3 months can use pillows Ms. Shen just gave birth to a big fat boy. She was also happy and encountered many new mothers’ wounds. For example, what milk powder to choose, what urine to wet, cribs, etc. Recently, Ms. Shen struggled to choose a pillow. The old man said to use buckwheat […]
6 words men are most afraid of hearing 6 things men are most afraid of hearing If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship, don’t blurt out and hurt others, even when you are arguing. 1. “You make too little money! ” “Everyone has self-esteem, and men’s self-esteem needs to be maintained. Accusing […]