Month: December 2019

12 daily foods are actually BB health killers A survey report from a provincial tumor hospital shows that in recent years, not only has the incidence of common childhood tumors increased, such as lymphoma, leukemia, etc., but also nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and brain in the middle-aged elderlyCancer is also common […]
Qiaozhi constipation moisturizing peach cake Summer is very hot, and people who are prone to constipation are recommended to make peach cakes for themselves. Tao Ren is a traditional Chinese medicine for moisturizing the intestines. At the same time, it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. Female friends with dysmenorrhea are […]
_1 Must know the natural antioxidant skin care products I am afraid that 30 years old is the age that every woman is afraid of. Looking at the face where the wrinkles start to increase in the mirror, I ca n’t stop the panic. Do n’t worry, today I will introduce a 30-year-old woman to […]
How Diet Solves Common Winter Problems Guide: In winter, many female friends will encounter problems such as dry skin, cold hands and feet. At the same time, due to increased diet, body toxin accumulation is the main cause of obesity. Here are some female friends to talk about coping with cold and dry poison in […]
Do you know children with kidney disease? Kidney disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in children. But many parents never even pay attention to their children’s kidney health. Recently, the Pediatric Nephrology Specialty Group of Peking University Hospital teamed up with the Daxing District Health Bureau to train community doctors and provide […]
Strange trick to train “smelly” woman Strange tricks to train “smelly” women. Love beauty, everyone has it, smelly women, often common. There is nothing wrong with a woman who thinks she is a beauty or wants to dress herself as a beauty. But Xizi held his heart and Dong Shixiao, only separated by a layer […]
Several methods of cauliflower for diet Cauliflower, the scientific name of cauliflower, cannot be tested when it reaches China. It is rumored that the eastern coast of the Mediterranean was widely planted and transformed into China’s Jiangsu and Zhejiang. After the Guangdong and Guangxi regions, it was widely planted in the north and south with […]
Teach you to be a welcome person! Maybe you are knowledgeable, maybe you can speak well, maybe you are elegant, but just having these, you may not be a popular person.   In interpersonal relationships, whether other people like or hate your feelings is determined by your social level, taste, and the way you live. It […]
Taste reflects the needs of our body Five tastes enter the five internal organs. In daily life, taste often foreshadows the needs of our body, and our body is often our best health guide. When you especially want to eat this thing, especially when you want to eat it, the principle of Chinese medicine is […]
Summer internship for college students, there are suggestions! In recent years, on the university campus, the difficulty of internship and employment has gradually become the focus of concern for college students.   广外学生小杨早早决定这个暑假不回家了,6月份在网上遍撒“英雄帖”——本人外语专业八级,熟悉o f f i c e文档操作,性格开朗,希望尝试文秘、文案、翻译等工作,Without the internship payment, I want to get exercise . “I sent out thirty or forty letters, but there […]