Pre-pregnancy female fattening recipe


Pre-pregnancy female fattening recipe

First, breakfast prefers Western-style recipes.

A cup of orange juice is now squeezed.

A cup of low fat milk 3.

A pancake filled with syrup, jam, and cream. A recipe that likes Chinese taste.

A bowl of preserved egg porridge or millet porridge 2.

A cup of soy milk or rice syrup 3.

A boiled egg two, lunch preference for Western-style recipes 1.

Apple has a 2.

A cup of low fat milk 3.

Sandwich a 4.

A box of lettuce salad 5.

High-fiber biscuits A recipe that likes Chinese flavors.

Kiwi is a 2.

A cup of yogurt 3.

A bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles 4.

A boiled greens a 5.

A reminder of high-fiber biscuits: afternoon snacks: a cup of milkshake, a few slices of high-fiber biscuits, lo mei, or a tea egg.

銆€銆€Third, dinner 1.

A freshly squeezed juice 2

Ice cream or a portion of yogurt.

Lettuce salad or stir-fried vegetables a 4.

A bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles 5.

A piece of lean meat or fish 6.

After eating, eat some pineapple, papaya, or tomato four, staying up late to try to eat for two hours before going to bed.

Spread the toast with jam, peanut butter, cream, and garlic sauce.

Drink another bowl of broth, milk or soy milk.

Just eat a little bit of meaning, so as not to eat too much, can’t sleep.

Eat fruit that can be stovepipe so that you can not eat fat _1


Eat fruit that can be stovepipe to make you eat fat

Papaya: Eat big fish and meat, and always sit still, slightly easy to accumulate in the lower body.

Papaya’s proteolytic enzyme, guava, can help break down traces, reduce the amount of fermentation work, and make the excess meat more and more legs become firm and skinny.

The pectin component in papaya also has the function of the whole intestine, which can purify the body and beautify the skin.

Banana: A banana with a high calorie can actually be eaten as a meal.

It has a lot of potassium, and the traces and sodium are very low, which is in line with the nutritional needs of beautiful legs.

Apple: Its calcium is much richer than normal fruit, which helps to metabolize excess salt in the body.

Malic acid vitamins metabolize annoying transformations, making you and the lower body obese say goodbye.

There are also some fibrous pectins that can solve constipation. After clearing the stomach, the lower body will be too light.

Celery: Celery has a large amount of colloidal calcium carbonate, which is easily absorbed by the body and supplements the calcium required for straight legs.

Celery is good for the heart and rich in potassium, which is very beneficial for preventing edema in the lower body.

Nori: There are vitamins A and B1 in seaweed.

B2 and minerals and cellulose, seaweed can promote metabolic drainage, want to have slim legs, but also remember to eat often.

Spinach: Eat more spinach can make the blood circulation more smooth and smooth, so naturally can transfer the nutrients and oxygen to the legs, restore the vitality and vitality of the legs.

Sesame: Sesame can provide the vitamin E, B1 needed by the body.

Calcium, especially its linseed oleic acid, removes cholesterol attached to the walls of blood vessels.

It is best to buy sesame powder or eat sesame paste directly to fully absorb the necessary elements of these legs.

Early summer massage, retreat, swollen, fast weight loss


Early summer massage, retreat, swollen, fast weight loss

In this early summer season, isn’t a lot of MM feeling sleepy and weak, and the body is swollen?

Don’t worry, I will introduce you to two sets of practical summer massage exercises for you, so that you can easily relieve the swelling and get up and take action!

銆€銆€1: Unleashing massage exercises: entering the summer is particularly prone to sleepiness, which seriously affects your work and study.

The simple massage exercise that will be introduced below is a good helper to relieve your sleepiness.

銆€銆€(1) Make a fist with both hands, pay attention to the thumb with four fingers, and massage the four-finger joints to massage the calf excess meat from the toes.

5 times each side.

銆€銆€(2) Make a fist with both hands, pay attention to the thumb with four fingers, and force the four-finger joints to massage the excess meat from the upper left to the waist.

Repeat this action 5 times.

銆€銆€(3) Make a fist with both hands, pay attention to the thumb with four fingers, and massage the four-finger joint from the lower abdomen to the root of the thigh.

Repeat this action 5 times.
銆€銆€(4) Make a fist with both hands, pay attention to the thumb with four fingers, and force the four-finger joint to massage the outside of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder.

Repeat this action 5 times each time.

銆€銆€(5) Make a fist with both hands, pay attention to pressing the thumb with four fingers, and force the four-finger joint to massage from the collar to the shoulder. When you reach the shoulder position, press hard.

Repeat this action 3 times each time.

銆€銆€(6) Make a fist with both hands, pay attention to the thumb with four fingers, slightly raise your head, and gently massage the four-finger joints to the clavicle. Because the lymph is dense, and the skin thickness is only half of the face, so massageThe force should be lighter.

Repeat this action 3 times.
銆€銆€2: The swelling massage exercises too much reference to cold drinks, staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the body will be easy to swell.

In particular, the calf part itself is prone to edema, a little careless, and the edema is even more severe in summer.

Master the following simple massage exercises to effectively improve the edema.

銆€銆€(1) Two hands squeeze the excess meat of the calf, as shown below, and then massage with the opposite direction of the thumb of the left and right hands.

Repeat this action 5 times for each of the left and right legs.

銆€銆€(2) Both hands squeeze the excess meat of the calf as hard as a towel, and repeat this action 5 times from the foot to the slender part.

銆€銆€(3) Place your hands on the ankles, put your thumb on the front side of the calf, and hold the other four fingers together to grip the excess meat on the back of the calf, then massage your thumb from the bottom to the front of the calf.

Repeat this action 3 times for each of the left and right legs.

銆€銆€(4) Hold the contracted part with both hands, use your fingertips to stop it, and then release it quickly.

Repeat this action 5 times for each of the left and right legs.

Convenient chair type old bathing car


Convenient chair type old bathing car

Fenglu Bathing Chair Chair Product Description: Fenglu Bathing Car is a new product specially designed for the elderly, disabled bathing and bathing.

The products are available in horizontal, horizontal, chair and other specifications and styles, suitable for families, hospitals, nursing homes and other places.


Does not take up space.

銆€銆€Easy to fold, folding and occupying a small space.


Move freely.

銆€銆€The car body can freely enter and exit the bathroom, elevator and other places.


The barrier-free access side door can be opened, allowing long-term bedridden elderly to be easily moved into the car.


The operation is simple and easy to fold, easy to install; saves time and effort.

銆€銆€Specifications and models: Product Name Specification (MM) Model Chair Bathing Car 580脳805脳980 XZY Chair Bathing Car 620脳778脳971 ZY-3 Chair Bathing Car 713脳810脳1010 ZY-1 Technical Parameters: Liner: PVC, full name: PVC, the main component is PVC frame: stainless steel tube Product name Car weight (KG) Load capacity (KG) Temperature resistance (掳C) Chair type bath car 17 200 80 Chair typeBathing car 18 200 80 chair bathing car 20 200 80

Why are you older than others?


Because you have it in your body!

Why are you older than others?
Because you have it in your body!

At the same age, why are some people young and some old?

This is related to free radicals in your body.

What are the free radicals?

We all know that iron will corrode in the air and silver will turn black in the air. These are the result of oxidation.

In fact, human metabolism can also be oxidized.

The “free radical” is a harmful substance produced by the body in the metabolism process. It has strong oxidative properties, which will damage the function of the cells and accelerate the aging of the human body.

In fact, normal cells in the human body can divide 40 on average?
60 times, then naturally die, while the cells also have the function of reproduction, renewable, so the body can continue to function normally.

But when cell free radicals attack free radicals, it is like iron is oxidized and rusted in the air.

If there are too many “rigid” cells, it will not be repaired, and organs and tissues will lose their normal function, causing distortion and aging.

Free radicals are the “thunder” buried in the body. Under normal circumstances, the generation and elimination of free radicals in the body are in a relatively balanced state.

If there are too many free radicals in the human body and they are not cleared in time, it will lead to disease and aging.

According to statistics, at least 100 kinds of symptoms are related to excessive free radicals in the body.

1, atherosclerosis atherosclerosis is the “most urgent crisis” caused by free radicals.

Plasma in the human body can be divided into good plasma and bad plasma, in which bad plasma is easily oxidized by free radicals, which adhere to the blood vessel wall, just like the dirt in the water pipe.

After accumulating to a certain extent, it will form a double blood vessel.

2, wrinkles, stains under the action of free radicals, collagen will destroy, so that the skin does not get enough nutrients, resulting in decreased skin tissue vitality, loss of elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, dull skin and so on.

At the same time, the accumulation of age, the increase of free radicals, the degree of free radical corrosion of tissue cells in the body is gradually deepened, the more accumulated lipofuscin, the pigmentation will gradually form and appear.

Environmental factors such as sun exposure, harmful substances in the air, or mental stress, eating habits, life routines, etc., will cause more free radicals in the body.

How to remove free radicals and anti-aging?

1, eat more antioxidant fruits and vegetables according to the results of local scholars in recent years, found that the antioxidant mechanism of medlar, ginger, rapeseed, cowpea, taro, spinach, sweet pepper, broccoli, carrot, etc.Afterwards, the antioxidant effects of blueberry, kiwi, fresh jujube, yellow peach and hawthorn in fruits are also good.

2, the use of traditional Chinese medicine to regulate Shengmaisan is a famous Chinese medicine, mainly composed of three herbs: ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra.

Do not look at it only composed of three ordinary herbs, but it has a good effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yin, clearing the effect of vitality, and qi and nourishing Yin from the perspective of modern medicine, similar to the effect of antioxidant.

Moreover, the Schisandra chinensis also contains a special effect of Schisandrin B, which has been scientifically proven to have the effect of scavenging free radicals and enhancing the body’s antioxidant capacity.

In addition, the ginseng in the square can also be replaced by American ginseng, and the ginseng is more suitable for yin and yin, and is more compatible with other medicinal materials.

Aging is a quiet but cruel thing, but it is not completely irreparable.

Starting today, with Xiaogu to clear free radicals, let your face value is younger than the years!

Women should not take a bath in these 5 cases.


Women should not take a bath in these 5 cases.

The women are very clean and clean. Basically, they have to take a shower before going to bed every night. I feel that this is enough to clean and sleep enough.

But do you know?

In some cases, women can’t take a bath, and beware that you will suffer from various diseases.

Beware, women can’t take a bath in these five situations.

銆€銆€First, when the fever is not suitable for bathing when the body temperature rises to 38 掳 C, the body’s energy consumption can be increased by 20%, the body is relatively weak, at this time the bath is prone to accidents.

銆€銆€Second, when the blood pressure is too low, it is not suitable to take a bath. Because the water temperature is high when taking a bath, the blood vessels of the person’s blood vessels are dilated. People with low blood pressure are prone to lack of blood supply to the brain and collapse.

銆€銆€Third, alcohol should not be taken after drinking alcohol will inhibit liver function and hinder the release of glycogen.

When taking a bath, the glucose consumption in the human body will increase.

Taking a bath after drinking, blood sugar can not be replenished in time, prone to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness, severe hypoglycemic coma may occur.

銆€銆€Fourth, after a full meal, it is not advisable to take a bath after a full meal. The blood vessels of the whole body skin are stimulated by heat and expand. The blood flow to the body surface, and the blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption, cause hypoglycemia, and even collapse and faint.

銆€銆€Fifth, it is not advisable to start taking a bath immediately after labor. Whether it is physical labor or mental work, you should take a break and take a bath. Otherwise, it may cause heart, lack of blood supply to the brain, and even fainting.

More nap in the afternoon, scientific nap can live longer


More nap in the afternoon, scientific nap can live longer

The fierce competition in society and the accelerated pace of life will inevitably lead many people to work hard and have no time to take care of lunch breaks.

In fact, after a morning of work and study, the human body consumes too much energy. After a nap after lunch, it can effectively compensate the human brain, and the physical exertion is a substitute for health.

銆€銆€From a physiological point of view, the excitement of human brain cells can generally last for 4?
After 5 hours, it will be transferred to the suppression state.

Especially after lunch, the blood supply to the digestive tract is significantly increased, and the blood supply to the brain is significantly reduced, which leads to a corresponding decrease in oxygen and nutrients that enter the brain with blood flow. Therefore, the body’s biological clock has a sleep rhythm, which makes people feel uncomfortable., a feeling of drowsiness.

At this point, the body needs to be adjusted for a short period of time to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, and stabilize the balance of nervous system function.

銆€銆€鈥淣apping鈥?is the most recommended 鈥渉ealthy living habit鈥?by experts. It not only can significantly improve immunity, but also quickly relieves nausea and makes mood and energy better.

銆€銆€The Spanish store will be closed every 2:30 pm until 5 pm in the evening.

It turned out that the Spaniards participated in the “National Nap Sports”, and it was fixed for two and a half hours every day for everyone to take a nap.

銆€銆€In the United States, 鈥渓earning for a nap鈥?has become the latest fashion. Many companies have stipulated that employees should be encouraged to take a nap at noon and gradually work hard to cope with more work in the afternoon.

銆€銆€3 big benefits in the afternoon, 1, higher immunity, immunologists say that after lunch, to help digestion, the body will automatically be caused by parasympathetic nerves. At this time, a short sleep can stimulate lymphocytes in the body and enhance immune cells.Active.

Cardiac over-force Spanish medical research shows that 30 minutes a day nap, the hormone secretion in the body is more balanced, and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can be reduced by 30%.

銆€銆€3, the mood is more comfortable American Harvard University psychologist wrote a report, published in the latest “Natural Neuroscience” journal, the content shows that afternoon snoring can improve mood, reduce body tension, relieve stress – the effect is like sleepingAll night (8 hours).

銆€銆€So how do you take a nap scientifically?

銆€銆€First of all, the nap time should not be too long, preferably within 1 hour.

銆€銆€Physiological studies have shown that human sleep is divided into two stages: shallow sleep and deep sleep.

Usually, people are sleeping 80?
After 100 minutes, it gradually changed from light sleep to deep sleep.

During deep sleep, the inhibition process of the brain’s central nervous system is obviously strengthened. Many capillary networks in the brain tissue are temporarily closed, the cerebral blood flow is reduced, and the body’s metabolism level is significantly reduced.

If people suddenly wake up during deep sleep, because the deep inhibition process in the cerebral cortex cannot be immediately relieved, the closed capillary network can not be opened immediately, which will inevitably lead to transient blood supply to the brain and transient autonomic nervous system function.The tension will make the body feel very uncomfortable.

This discomfort will last for about 30 minutes and will gradually disappear.

It can be seen that the nap time is not as long as possible, but should be within 1 hour, which can effectively eliminate fatigue, and not sleep too much and not wake up easily.

銆€銆€First of all, it is not advisable to take a nap immediately after a meal.

銆€銆€Do not sit down or lie down after a meal, stand for 30 minutes, wash the dishes, place flowers and the like.

Then go downstairs for 30 minutes to help digestion.

Then you can sleep, it is best to sleep for only 30 minutes, many friends said that it is very painful at the end of the nap.

But I still want to sleep after I have finished sleeping. I have a headache and a headache. This is because you have slept for too long and your head is deprived of oxygen.

Because the stomach is full of undigested food after lunch, and then immediately flipped over and turned to cause a feeling of fullness.

The correct way is to do some light activities after lunch, such as walking, belly, etc., and then take a nap, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

銆€銆€Third, pay attention to sleep posture.

銆€銆€It is often seen that someone is sitting on a chair or a sofa while napping, and some people simply sleep on the table.

In fact, these practices are not scientific.

When the human body is in sleep state, the muscles relax, the heart rate slows down, the blood vessels dilate, the blood pressure decreases, and the blood flowing into the brain is relatively reduced.

Especially after lunch, the breakthrough blood enters the body. If you sit back and sleep again, the brain will be deprived of oxygen for a long time, causing people to feel heavy, weak, soft legs and other discomfort.

While sleeping on the table, it will press up and down, block breathing, and increase the burden on the heart and lungs.

It is generally believed that the sleeping position is better in the right lateral position, because this can reduce the burden on the heart and increase the blood flow of the liver, which is conducive to digestion and metabolism of food.

But in fact, because of the nap time correction, you don’t have to be forced to sleep on the left, right, and supine, as long as you can fall asleep quickly.

Was the corn more nutritious?

Was the corn more nutritious?

In the season of corn harvest, walking down the street, often smelling the scent of boiled corn at a corner.

Waxy corn, sweet corn, old corn; white, purple, yellow; become corn more nutritious?

How to eat the best?

銆€銆€Nutritionists have unanimously recognized that in the staple food, the nutritional value and health effects of corn are very prominent.

銆€銆€The vitamin content in corn is very high, several times that of rice and flour.

In addition to containing glucose, protein, traces, carotene, corn also contains a variety of minerals, vitamin E, riboflavin and other nutrients.

銆€銆€Corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, which is more than 60%. It synergizes with vitamin E in corn germ to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and prevent it from depositing on the blood vessel wall.

These substances have great benefits in preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

銆€銆€Corn also contains a long-lived factor, glutathione, which, in the presence of selenium, produces glutathione oxidase, which has a function of delaying aging.

銆€銆€Different colors of corn have slightly different health effects. The health benefits are slightly different, mainly because they contain different pigment diversity.

銆€銆€Compared with white corn, purple corn contains more anthocyanins, so it has antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

銆€銆€Yellow corn contains carotene and zeaxanthin, which is good for maintaining eye health.

銆€銆€Different taste of corn, the nutritional value is also different from sweet corn sweet and delicious, loved, even a kind of “fruit type sweet corn”, can be eaten like fruit.

銆€銆€The protein, trace and vitamin content of this sweet corn is 1-2 times higher than that of ordinary corn, and the selenium content is 8-10 times higher. Among the 17 kinds of amino acids contained, there are more than 13 kinds of common corn.

However, sweet corn has a high sugar content, most of which is sucrose and glucose, which may cause blood sugar to rise.

銆€銆€The protein content of waxy corn is high, supplemented with vitamin A, vitamin B1, etc., wherein amylopectin content is very high, not suitable for diabetics.

銆€銆€Old corn has high crude fiber content and low soluble sugar content. It is a very good choice for people with weight loss.

銆€銆€How to eat corn is the most nutritious?

銆€銆€First of all, fresh, fresh corn, water, active ingredients, vitamins and other nutrients are much higher than old cooked corn.

Although the treated corn will lose some vitamin C, it can release more nutrients, especially a phenolic compound, lysine, which has certain curative effect on diseases such as cancer.

銆€銆€Too many people like to keep corn and corn leaves clean when cooking corn, which is a pity.

Corn must be able to gallbladder, diuretic, lower blood sugar, corn stem core can also stop sweating.

銆€銆€Summer is the high season of urinary tract infections, while water that has been cooked with corn has anti-infective effects.

It is best to eat the white germ part when it is corn.

Corn germ is the essence of corn. It protects the heart and brain and is very resistant to aging.

銆€銆€In addition, cornmeal plus soy flour, mixed in a ratio of 3:1, is also a method recommended by the World Health Organization to eat coarse grains and improve nutritional value.

If you are fat, you won’t want to.


If you are fat, you won’t want to.

Obesity cuts men’s masculinity According to the determination, most obese men have lower plasma ketones and higher estrogen levels (more than 1 times higher than normal men).

The reason is that the amount of feces in the body increases the secretion of supplemental androgen into estrogen, and in addition inhibits the reduction of the secretion of gonadotropin in the human body, so that the secretion of insulin ketone is reduced, which can reduce the masculinity of the man, sexual function.Reduced to varying degrees, each two-way will go “downhill.”

銆€銆€In addition, high blood pressure is susceptible to illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. These diseases can affect sexual function, leading to loss of libido and impotence, especially some drugs for treating hypertension can cause a decline in sexual function.

Obese people are generally reluctant to move, sleepiness, fatigue, and a little exercise, that is, feeling flustered and short, directly leading to a decrease in sexual ability.

Therefore, if men want to retain their charm forever, they must first have a strong body.

銆€銆€Obesity makes women’s sexual desire low and female obese people generally have low sexual desire, which is also related to the low level of androgen in the body.

In addition, hypertension has a significant effect on ovarian function, manifested as abnormal follicular development, ovulation disorders, dysplasia and so on.

The ovary is called “female charm and reproductive source”, and its failure can significantly affect the menstrual cycle, sexual function and reproductive ability.

Some obese women with abnormal menstruation (menopause, rare menstruation, irregular menstruation, etc.) will naturally develop sexual dysfunction (loss of libido, lack of sex, and even sexual aversion).

銆€銆€Excessive obesity leads to sexual difficulties. Some obese people, due to inconvenient movements, especially the abdominal wall and slightly thick thighs, cause certain difficulties for sexual life.

Excessive weight stress forces each other, making it unbearable, and is also a factor affecting sexual activity and sexual desire.

Experts believe that men and women who are slightly overweight will not cause trouble to their sex life. On the contrary, they will increase their attractiveness. However, if they are super-obese, they should lose weight for the sake of health and harmony between husband and wife.

銆€銆€Losing weight makes people remarkably vital to obesity. Don’t be discouraged. Losing weight can make sexual function “reversal”. For example, when obese men lose weight effectively, the original “reverse” of the female and androgen may be reversed.Sexual function can return to normal; female obese people control diet, adhere to exercise, not only healthy, but also rejuvenate youthfulness.

銆€銆€For obese people, weight loss is important, but you must implement a distance weight loss program.

At this time, the active cooperation and encouragement of the spouse is also very important.

Only by correctly understanding and understanding these factors can all kinds of troubles in the sex life of fat people be better solved.

Seven psychological thieves secretly walk your happiness

With the improvement of living standards, living conditions are getting better and better, but many people find that happiness has become unreachable.

Even people sigh “more money, less happiness”, yes, happiness depends largely on factors that are not related to wealth.

The following seven reasons are stealing the culprits of our happiness.


Not good at discovering the sun, there are many positive and good aspects in life, but many people ignore them. “Only seeing their own misfortunes, ignoring their own happiness”, “enlarge the happiness of others and narrow their own”Happiness” is its true portrayal.

  In order to attract attention, some media have also publicized reports on certain events in their lives.

Although it satisfies people’s curiosity to a certain extent, it also narrows people’s positive attitude.


Lack of Faith After a 20-year sprint-like fortune race, some people, besides making money, don’t know what the goals and pursuits in life are, or even what they really want.

This lack of faith and ideal state is difficult to produce long-lasting, happy happiness.


Older love is more modern people put their main energy into the competition, than the position, than the house, than the wealth . than the comparison, people’s hearts only have desire, no happiness.

Once people are not looking for happiness, but how to be happy than others, happiness will be far away from you.


I don’t know how to give a study at Harvard University in the United States. I have shown that I can help others in life and make myself feel happier.

However, in modern society, there are fewer and fewer people who are willing to give selfless dedication, and more and more people are worried about it.

If you finally count “what can I get from it” and “doing something worthwhile”, it will be very tired.


I don’t know what the saying goes, “The contentment is always happy,” but there are fewer and fewer people who can satisfy themselves. With the house wanting to change the size, there is a job that wants to change better, and with money, I want to earn more. theseDesire, instructing people to run endlessly and hard, and bracing to advance to the peak of the “brilliance”.


Mutual distrust of the society Although the communication is highly developed, the hearts of people are gradually drifting away.

Nowadays people are more and more suspicious of the “right brain” thinking mode, while the right brain is in charge of individual, strength, local, etc., and the feeling of happiness is zero.

The sense of well-being comes from the feelings of the left brain. In many cases, there is less happiness in life, or others no longer have the ability to feel happiness.


I am too worried about the problems of buying a house, raising children, and burdening the family. Because of the work pressure caused by the promotion space in the workplace, the handling of interpersonal relationships between friends and colleagues has become a “stress source” for the Chinese.

In the big cities, regardless of the elderly, young people or children, they are often in a state of irritability and anxiety, which makes people unable to realize happiness from the bottom of their hearts.

  To be happy, the first thing to do is to lower your desires.

Don’t blindly compare, chase vain, face life with a satisfied attitude, and understand that everyone’s happiness is different: maybe, you don’t have a gorgeous big villa, but you have a warm and tidy home and a family that cares for you; maybe you don’t haveA call for power, but there are a lot of good friends who are friendly and close to each other; maybe you don’t have luxury jewelry, you have a good family, but you have a healthy body that you can’t buy.