Month: November 2019

锘? Pre-pregnancy female fattening recipe First, breakfast prefers Western-style recipes. A cup of orange juice is now squeezed. A cup of low fat milk 3. A pancake filled with syrup, jam, and cream. A recipe that likes Chinese taste. A bowl of preserved egg porridge or millet porridge 2. A cup of soy milk or […]
锘? Eat fruit that can be stovepipe to make you eat fat Papaya: Eat big fish and meat, and always sit still, slightly easy to accumulate in the lower body. Papaya’s proteolytic enzyme, guava, can help break down traces, reduce the amount of fermentation work, and make the excess meat more and more legs become […]
锘? Early summer massage, retreat, swollen, fast weight loss In this early summer season, isn’t a lot of MM feeling sleepy and weak, and the body is swollen? Don’t worry, I will introduce you to two sets of practical summer massage exercises for you, so that you can easily relieve the swelling and get up […]
锘? Convenient chair type old bathing car Fenglu Bathing Chair Chair Product Description: Fenglu Bathing Car is a new product specially designed for the elderly, disabled bathing and bathing. The products are available in horizontal, horizontal, chair and other specifications and styles, suitable for families, hospitals, nursing homes and other places. 銆€銆€Features:? Does not take […]
锘? Because you have it in your body! Why are you older than others? Because you have it in your body! At the same age, why are some people young and some old? This is related to free radicals in your body. What are the free radicals? We all know that iron will corrode in […]
锘? Women should not take a bath in these 5 cases. The women are very clean and clean. Basically, they have to take a shower before going to bed every night. I feel that this is enough to clean and sleep enough. But do you know? In some cases, women can’t take a bath, and […]
锘? More nap in the afternoon, scientific nap can live longer The fierce competition in society and the accelerated pace of life will inevitably lead many people to work hard and have no time to take care of lunch breaks. In fact, after a morning of work and study, the human body consumes too much […]
锘? Was the corn more nutritious? In the season of corn harvest, walking down the street, often smelling the scent of boiled corn at a corner. Waxy corn, sweet corn, old corn; white, purple, yellow; become corn more nutritious? How to eat the best? 銆€銆€Nutritionists have unanimously recognized that in the staple food, the nutritional […]
锘? If you are fat, you won’t want to. Obesity cuts men’s masculinity According to the determination, most obese men have lower plasma ketones and higher estrogen levels (more than 1 times higher than normal men). The reason is that the amount of feces in the body increases the secretion of supplemental androgen into estrogen, […]
With the improvement of living standards, living conditions are getting better and better, but many people find that happiness has become unreachable. Even people sigh “more money, less happiness”, yes, happiness depends largely on factors that are not related to wealth. The following seven reasons are stealing the culprits of our happiness.   1. Not good […]