3 behaviors that can make your fingers full of bacteria

3 behaviors that can make your fingers full of bacteria

The tip of the finger is the part of the body that touches the face most.

In fact, your fingers are far more dirty than you think, and they are several times dirtier than the toilet seat in the toilet.

In daily life, certain behaviors make your fingers dirty.

Japanese website articles introduce the three major actions that make your fingers dirty.

  Japanese experts conducted sanitary inspections on the dirt on the palms and fingertips of the fingers, and targeted 108 students from the School of Beauty and Art to determine the contents of the microorganisms and bacteria.

The average value of the study found that the palms were more than 5 times dirtier than the toilet seat, and the fingertips of the nails were more than 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat.

In addition, the results showed that the ratio of students with nails less than 2mm to students with more than 2mm, although the degree of dirty palms was not much different, but the fingers of students with long nails were dirty1.

9 times.

  Wash your hands Only wash your palms. When you wash your hands, you can easily forget to wash your nails and fingertips.

First wipe the soap with the palm of your hand, and remember to wipe the soap with the back of your hand, and then rub the palm with your fingertips so that your nails are also washed.

Finally, don’t forget to wash your wrists.

  After using the same handkerchief or towel for a long time, it is difficult to wash your hands, and if you get the bacteria on the towel, it will become meaningless to wash your hands.

The so-called “Although I used a towel (handkerchief) yesterday, it doesn’t matter”, if you use it repeatedly for several days, your washed hands will be stained with various bacteria.

Use a clean handkerchief every day, and towels are a big preset for clean hands.

  It may be difficult to notice when using a smart phone for a long time. The smart phone and computer keyboard that have been touched for a long time are very dirty.

  Regularly wipe your fingers with an alcohol sanitizing handkerchief to make your fingers clean.

Generally speaking, women who study beauty arts have a strong sense of beauty, but even such women have dirty fingertips.

Therefore, you can no longer take your fingers dirty.

In addition, it is very important for skin health to re-know the degree of dirty fingertips.

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