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[How to make scallops stewed with phoenix claws]_Home-made methods of stewed scallops with phoenix claws_Encyclopedia of making scallops with phoenix claws The taste of life is to sit on a delicious meal that suits you, and the family eats a meal in harmony. The method of stewing scallops with phoenix claws is a very simple […]
Yangtze River Macro Zhao Wei: “Divergence” between US Stocks and the Economy? This article comes from the WeChat public account of “Macro-solid-fixed income from the Yangtze River”, authored by Zhao Wei’s team.  Report summary US stocks’ EPS growth has accelerated to historical highs at the same time. What is the future? It remains to be seen […]
Soothing yoga moves to relieve insomnia Insomnia is a common phenomenon in urban people. It is difficult to fall asleep or even sleepless all night. Then you might as well do home yoga exercises before bed to help relax and treat insomnia.   Rabbit style 1, kneeling, sitting on the hips above the heels, hands naturally […]
Scorpion can eat longevity like this The scorpion is sweet and has the effect of nourishing the liver and tonifying the kidney. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that “the long-term service is strong and the bones are not old, and it is resistant to cold and heat.” Traditional Chinese medicine often uses it to […]
Successfully turned into a thin beauty to quit 5 bad habits Do you have to diet or go crazy to lose weight? Have you ever thought that the reason why you will get fat is because your living habits are not good. Stop it! What bad habits make you become fatter? Today, Xiaobian tells you […]
Goat liver — blood and eyesight The liver is an important organ for detoxification and detoxification stored in animals. It is rich in nutrients and has nutritional and health-care functions. It is one of the best blood supplements.   Nutrition analysis 1. Sheep liver is rich in iron. Iron is an essential element to produce red […]
How can you tell him if you are not satisfied with sex? Female sexual expectations are generally universal. Everyone’s sexual needs and abilities are different, so in sexual life, partners often have “one slap in the air” annoyance. For shy, implicit women, it will be more painful if their husband’s performance does not satisfy themselves […]
How Diet Solves Common Winter Problems Guide: In winter, many female friends will encounter problems such as dry skin, cold hands and feet. At the same time, due to increased diet, body toxin accumulation is the main cause of obesity. Here are some female friends to talk about coping with cold and dry poison in […]
锘? Health care Health moxibustion? Health care Zhang Wenzhao, Zhang Bo, Li Yuhua, People’s Liberation Army 306 Hospital, Chinese Medicine Brand Quality Management Office Zuo Tianyu Editing Therapy is to use the burning of Ai Rong on the body surface points, using the mild heat of burning fire and the role of drugs, the function […]
锘? Fresh indoor air 24 hours! Fresh indoor air 1. In the morning, the air is fresh and cool. At this time, you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner. You can open all the windows and try to make the outdoor fresh air enter the room. From about 9:00 to about 10 o’clock, […]