Shen Ruoxue has nothing to say……

“I’ll learn from my brother-in-law,Your brother-in-law, I have so many abilities,Hehe。”
Qin Liang said triumphantly。
“I still don’t learn this cheeky skill,Brother-in-law, keep it for yourself。”
Shen Ruoxue’s naughty answer。
“You say you don’t learn?I’m so shameless!Can’t learn!Must learn!Don’t learn to spank you!”
Qin Liang pretended to say。
“Why?And forcing people not to learn well!”
Shen Ruoxue cried out in a fuss!
“I have a hasty!What you said is wrong!Thick skin is sometimes a good thing,It depends on what is going on,If I don’t have a thick skin,Can you chase your sister??It really is,Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang said triumphantly!But forgot that Yang Shiyun was standing in front of him!
Of course Meizi misunderstood again,She thought Qin Liang was talking about Yang Shiyun,So I smiled and looked at my master。
Yang Shiyun looks expressionless,It seems that she didn’t hear what Qin Liang said just now。

Old Gu knows Peng Changyi’s mood,He said:“Goodbye,You heard Secretary Jiang speak just now,I don’t want to beg to go in,Since he said Xiaoding is fine,That should be fine,All right,I have heard the ambulance,I want to go out quickly,It’s better to let the ambulance go back。”

Peng Changyi think about it,It can only be so,Hung up。
Old Gu came to the gate,quickly,Sure enough, I saw an ambulance galloping on the national highway,Start to slow down at the intersection,And then hurried along Baiyang Avenue。
Okay,After turning on the avenue,The ambulance turned off the warning sound,Old Gu stood at the gate,The ambulance whistled at him all the way,Old Gu stretched out his hands and stopped the ambulance。
The driver got his head out,Speak bluntly:“Get out!”
Old Gu said:“No need for you here,People are okay。”
Zhang Hua jumped out of the car,Walk to him,Said:“I am Zhang Hua from the Chinese Medicine Hospital,Is Secretary Jiang inside??”
Even though I don’t know Zhang Hua,But he knew that Zhang Hua,Because after Xiao Xu came back from the grassland,I told him about Zhang Hua,Old Gu said:“I’m Mayor Peng’s driver,He will be there soon。”
Zhang Hua said:“Let me go in and have a look,Don’t delay the rescue time。”
Old Gu said:“Secretary Jiang said no,Made me wait here,He said let you go back。”
“This one……”Zhang Hua didn’t know what to do for a while。
At this moment,I saw a taxi speeding up,Peng Changyi jumped out of the car,Two plastic slippers on the feet,Said anxiously:“Old Gu,How is it?”
First89chapter Refusal to escort
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Old Gu greeted me,Repeat what I just said to Zhang Hua:“Secretary Jiang said let them go back,Xiaoding is fine。”

Qin Liang deliberately yelled loudly。

in the room,Liu Xiaoyun, who was lying on the bed with Shen Ruoxue watching TV, immediately changed his face!
“Oh my God!This big villain won’t lose control,Run to our room to catch me and make him go!”
This terrible thought suddenly appeared in her heart……
“wait,Koyuki,Put on pajamas!”I saw that Shen Ruoxue was about to open the door,Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly stopped her,Then he put on his pajamas in a hurry!Because I don’t plan to go out anymore,So she and Shen Ruoxue are watching TV in underwear only,Qin Liang is here now,Liu Xiaoyun is afraid of her sexy and attractive,
Qin Liang’s“Beast instinct”Inspired!
Ink for a while,Shen Ruoxue finally opened the door,It’s rare that this girl knows shy,Hide your body behind the door,Just show my head。
“Brother-in-law,Are you going to rob this night??Smash the door so loudly……”
Shen Ruoxue asked confusedly。
“I’m worried!Your sister wants to talk to you two,Can you say i can’t worry。”
Qin Liang pretended to be anxious and said,Obviously not sweating,And deliberately reached out and wiped the forehead……
“My sister!”
Shen Ruoxue gave a surprise cry,I immediately reached out and snatched Qin Liang’s phone。
While Shen Ruoxue was answering the phone,Qin Liang opened the door honestly and went in,Then I saw Liu Xiaoyun standing on the side of the bed panicking。

Fat Dun’er has gained a lot in these two days,Looks more fat and cute,A pair of big eyes,Ah ah open my little hand,Chuckle。

I think,Any normal person will like it!
Let alone the child’s grandfather。
“Damn,My grandson is so cute,What is your name?”
Mrs. Gao is not silent anymore,Happy watching the child’s video,Eyes full of joy。
“The nickname is Fat Dun’er,The name is Takayama。”
Gao Qiang said with a smile:“Born eight and a half catties,It’s almost ten catties now!”
Old man Gao watching the child’s video,Eyes are exceptionally bright,I couldn’t help but smile。
“This kid is so cute,It would be nice if it wasn’t for the second marriage。”Aunt Gao Qiang, Gao Jing looks very regretful。
Her words,Immediately let the atmosphere that was originally very harmonious and joyful,Become rigid and cold。
“Zhang Meng is our music teacher,Talented and excellent character,Her husband is a martyr who died for the country,She has not had any emotional experience since her husband died。”
I look at Gao Jing:“Teacher Zhang’s husband is the only child,She has been taking care of the two old people,Until the two old people passed away,She only combined with Gao Qiang。I would like to know,What happened to the second marriage?”
Gao Jing stopped talking,Look a little ugly,Secretly took a look at me。
“and,Teacher Zhang and her husband have no chance to live together,After the wedding, the person will return,I couldn’t meet until sacrifice。”

Yang Shiyun said with a cold face……

“I’m wrong,I admit wrong。”
Liu Xiaoyun said honestly,A little pitiful look,of course,She pretends。
“Xiaoyun,I am speechless to you……You are genius!”
Qin Liang frowned and said,This time,Even if he wants to protect Liu Xiaoyun,It’s really hard to tell。
“I will be fined to wash all the dishes and chopsticks by myself in a while, OK??You don’t care about anything……”
Liu Xiaoyun pleaded awkwardly。
“agree,This must be punished,unacceptable!”
Shen Ruoxi, who has always been protective of Liu Xiaoyun, was the first to speak,Look fair and unselfish,Isn’t it actually helping Liu Xiaoyun secretly??If Liu Xiaoyun is not punished,,It’s really a bit unreasonable……
So after everyone voted yes,Liu Xiaoyun barely managed to pass。then,Liu Xiaoyun is so honest,Until the end of the meal,She never dared to say a word!
Wait till everyone is finished,Liu Xiaoyun began to tidy up the table quickly,Work is very easy for her,She was born as a bitter child,This little housework is for her,There won’t be any difficulty。
“Let me help you。”
Shen Ruoxue is still kind after all,She stood by and watched for a while,I can’t help but want to help。
“no, I’m fine,I can handle this little thing soon,You play your。”
Liu Xiaoyun stopped Shen Ruoxue from doing it。
“I am used to tidy up my own dishes。”
Qin Liang’s mind turned around,And said something casually,Started to clean up my own dishes,of course,By the way, I also accepted some of others。

[How to make dried broad beans delicious]_ practices _ production skills

[How to make dried broad beans delicious]_ practices _ production skills

For ordinary people, it is good for the body to eat some fava beans properly. Faba beans are rich in protein and contain a variety of minerals, which have certain benefits in improving immunity. In addition, its calciumIt is relatively rich and can achieve a good calcium supplement effect. The broad beans also taste better and have more methods. You can add dried fried broad beans, burned broad beans with meat particles, and so on.

Stir-fried broad bean material?

Leading 5?
6, 6 broad beans (approximately 1 and a half pounds dialed), salt, monosodium glutamate method 1, peeled broad beans, washed with water and drained.

2. Will the washed blue?

Go to root?

Cut your head small.

3. Pour the right amount of oil into the wok and heat it up (the oil temperature should be high).

煸 Stir-fry the flavor and pour in broad beans.

4. Go to the medium heat stir-fry 5?
After 6 minutes, sprinkle some salt and MSG will come out immediately.

The raw materials of roasted broad beans are: 250 grams of fresh broad beans, 100 grams of plum meat. Seasoning: 8 grams of soy sauce, 1 grams of salt, 5 grams of rice wine, 3 grams of sugar, starch, starch, onion and garlic.Ding, use 5 grams of soy sauce, put in the rice wine and mix well, then put a little starch and mix well. Scallion and garlic minced and set aside. 2. Heat the frying pan, add an appropriate amount of oil. Stir fry the meat until the surface is mature.Stir-fry 3, add broad beans, stir-fry rice wine, stir-fry in high heat 4, add 3 grams of soy sauce and stir-fry, pour in water, put salt and sugar in high heat and boil for 5 minutes. After boiling, simmer for about one minute.250g fresh broad bean, broad bean, 1 star anise, 5 segments of spring onion, 4 slices of ginger, 1 slice of fragrant leaf, 2 slices of dried chili 1. Soak the broad beans in water overnight; 2. prepare the ingredients;Water, pour broad beans and ingredients and 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 tbsp of old soy sauce; 4, boil over high heat, turn to low heat for 15 minutes; 5, remove the drained water, and cut with a knife at the black lineFry the broad beans to the wrinkle skin without oil in the pot; 7, Fry the pan under the cold oil; 8, Fry until the skin bursts, the color changes slightly, and out of the pot; 9, Wipe with kitchen paper干Oil, was added 1 teaspoon salt, pepper, chili powder seasoning.

[Does eating apples lose weight in the morning?]

[Does eating apples lose weight in the morning?]

Apple is a very common fruit, and its nutritional value is still relatively high.

Of course, Apple is still very popular among many people who lose weight. This is because Apple’s weight loss effect is better. As long as you master the correct method, weight loss people can use Apple to achieve excellent weight loss in a short period of time.effect.

Here, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of Apple Weight Loss in detail for everyone!

One to three days method of apple weight loss method ① Eat apples for three consecutive days without other fruits and food.

② You can eat apples for three meals, or you can eat hungry until you are full.

③ It doesn’t matter what kind of apple it is, but red apple is the best.

Green apples are sour, and they are afraid of irritating the stomach.

④ Eat fresh apples and wash and peel them to avoid pesticide residues.

⑤ In these three periods, when you are thirsty, you can drink boiled water or non-irritating tea, such as mint tea, barley tea, safflower tea, and houttuynia tea.

⑥ During weight loss, your stomach will be very sensitive, so avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, such as black tea, coffee, green tea, oolong tea, etc., to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

During apple weight loss, if you have constipation problems, you can drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil to moisturize the intestines on the third night to promote the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body.

Second, the main points of the apple weight loss method The specific method of apple weight loss is to eat apples every day during weight loss, which can be eaten according to people’s habit of eating early, middle and late, and the amount of food is better not to feel obese.

No other food can be eaten within 3 days.

You need to know what foods will stimulate your stomach and stomach. The normal digestive and absorption functions after eating apples are confusing. Of course, if you can do it for work or other reasons, you can also lose weight on the 1st or 2nd day.To effect.

If you feel thirsty, ignore boiled water and some non-irritating teas (eg mint tea, barley tea, safflower tea, houttuynia tea).

During the overall weight loss period, the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to food and beverages, and can not be taken orally to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

The edible apple must be the one that has not been contaminated with pesticides. If it is not convenient, ordinary apples can be used.

But pay attention to washing and peeling before eating.

Eat as much fresh apples as possible.

Some people are uncomfortable eating raw food, and can be embedded with jam and juice (remember not to add other ingredients).

Commercially available fruit juices often contain additives, and it is best not to add them.

Warm apples in the microwave until they are soft and edible.

If you add some agar to the frozen fruit juice, it may be a good way to eat.

Third, the nutritional value of apples. Apples belong to the Rosaceae family, which has a sweet and sour taste and is a nutritious fruit food.

Medicinal can regulate gastrointestinal and diarrhea, laxative.

Initially used for the treatment of hypertension, it has the effects of preventing and restoring fatigue, as well as reducing cholesterol in the blood.

Apples contain sugar (including sucrose, reducing sugar), protein, trace amounts, various vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, as well as fruit acid, quinic acid, citric acid, fermented acid, and carotene.

[How to wipe round cake germs]_The common way to wipe round cake germs _How to wipe round cake germs _How to wipe round cake germs

[How to wipe round cake germs]_The common way to wipe round cake germs _How to wipe round cake germs _How to wipe round cake germs

When encountering a variety of cuisines, I think many people have zero IQ. Even if they lose weight, they may not take care of it.

In fact, if you want to eat healthy and rest assured, we at home learn to make round cake dough, of course, it is safer and more secure.

So friends who like cooking will learn cooking with Xiaobian today!


Prepare an 8-inch Qifeng cake embryo 2.

First press the cake embryo with both hands to adjust the edge to separate from the mold 3.

Then use the thumb mold to push out the cake embryo with your thumb, and press the cake embryo to the bottom of the cake with both hands firmly against the cake base.

The top of the moulded cake embryo must be flattened5.

Then the edges of the cake are rounded, and the cake embryos with the corners can be used for pasting. Although the round cake embryos are trivial, if you make them yourself, the taste will be extraordinary.

If you want to taste your “unusual”, you will definitely do it immediately.

6 classic recipes to be your own maintenance expert


6 classic recipes to be your own maintenance expert

Time is most likely to betray the secret of a woman’s age.

In particular, because of the passage of time and the erosion of the harsh environment, the youth of women has gradually faded and wrinkled.

Maintaining a delicate and youthful eye is not an easy task. Keep in mind the 6 classic recipes below. Being your own maintenance expert will surely make you 10 years old.

  One of the secrets is using bangs to reduce age. Using bangs to reduce age. Bangs are an endless topic for MMs.

Liu Hai covered his forehead, modified his face shape and facial features, fully set off his eyes. If you happen to become two beautiful bright eyes, it will give you even more points. When you open your eyes curiously, give the words you want to speak toBelieve me, the guy standing opposite you will be teleported to you, he can never tell whether you are 28 or cardamom innocent 18!

  The second secret, the charm of the little girl with pink lip gloss is reflected in the watery pink lips. When you use a strong lipstick, your femininity and temptation will come to you, and your age experience will be careless.Exposure, such women belong to the night and PARTY, are mature and charming, but rarely remind people of youth.

But when you use the most pink lip gloss, everything changes!

Like the purest elf, smiling and looking at this living world, everything is pink, dreamy, beautiful, and full of infinite possibilities.

Youth, Yue Ran’s eyes.

  The third secret, the obvious magic weapon to eliminate the decree lines of mature women has never been you or not, every woman will sooner or later face these two V lines-decree lines and neck lines.

Although these two lines are less frequently cited than crow’s feet, they are more destructive to youth than complications of small wrinkles.

  The fourth secret is to develop good skin care habits. It is important to pay attention to the external maintenance of sunscreen. The so-called maintenance is by no means a cover of wrinkles and constant application of foundation.

Choose skin care products that are suitable for you, such as essences, night creams, and often apply a whitening and moisturizing mask. Be sure to apply sunscreen and isolation before going out during the day. The sun will darken the skin and prematurely age.

If you are older than 25, stick to using a collagen supplement mask twice a week, or you can often drink collagen beverages if you can, because women will continue to lose collagen in their skin since the age of 25. Such skinIt will look very old, not full and tarnished.

Also, use a hydrating mask before going to bed every day. This will make full use of the night’s sleep time. When you get up the next morning, you will get hydrated skin.

  The fifth secret, technology beauty 20, 30, 40, this is just your age, not the age of the skin.

And the most effective is that today’s beauty technology can already make your skin “age-reducing”, without fear of the growth of age, so that age will always be a secret of the snow.

  Sixth secret, pay attention to health, and take care of both inside and outside. First of all, in terms of diet, you almost never eat foods that are likely to cause premature senescence, such as leaded foods, fried foods, pickled foods, and moldy foods. In addition, you often cook soup for yourselfGinseng stewed black chicken, pig feet, papaya stewed snow clams and other beauty and nourishing soups, insist on taking multi-vitamin tablets, eat more fruits and vegetables, often eat nut foods as snacks, and supplement vitamin E for yourself.

  In addition, maintaining a happy mood, decompressing in time, and finding effective communication methods and solutions to problems are also a great trick to keep you youthful.

Still, there is no ugly woman in the world, only lazy women, sisters, do not want to be abandoned by youth without mercy, we must be a savvy woman from now on, take good care of it, combine internal and external to let yourself be 10 years old!

How to effectively remove bags under the eyes

How to effectively remove bags under the eyes

Because the eyes stay up all night and lack of sleep or long-term work with excessive eyes can cause eye bags around the eyes, which affects the aesthetics of the eyes, and the eyes can not get the signs of rest, so how to effectively remove the bags under the eyes?

Let’s take a look together today.

  1, lemon juice washing face lemon juice benefits are very many, soaking in water can be beauty and beauty, used to brush your teeth can also whiten your teeth.

In fact, lemon juice also has the benefit of shrinking pores. When washing your face with a few drops of lemon juice, you can shrink your pores and reduce acne.

Especially for friends with oily skin, this method is more applicable.

But be careful not to apply lemon juice directly to your face, and don’t use too much.

  2. When using the cold and hot water alternating method to wash your face, you can use the principle of alternating hot and cold water to clean your face. First, use warm water to clean your face, let the pores open, and clean the pores.

Then washing with cold water can effectively shrink the pores and prevent the pores from being enlarged.

  3, cold compress can not only eliminate edema and shrink pores!

What does it feel like to apply cold to the face in summer?

Put the toner or dreamy water in the refrigerator for a while, then take out the cotton pad and apply it directly to the area with large pores on the face, which can make the pores shrink well.

Or just put a towel in the refrigerator and take it out for cold compresses. The effect is also good.

  4. The simplest, most comfortable and effective way to apply a fruit peel is to directly apply the fruit peel. Summer is the most suitable season for eating fruits. What kind of face is best for watermelon peel and lemon peel?

They all have excellent pore-shrinking effects, can also control the secretion of oils and whiten skin care. They are natural “skin care products”.

  5, beer masks say that the effect of beer shrink pores is excellent, how can you use it in addition to washing your face directly with beer?

It is recommended to buy German dark beer to soak the mask, do not throw away the mask paper.

After applying the mask, apply it directly on both ends!

Dark beer can shrink the pores for you and reduce inflammation and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

  6, shrink pore products usually use pore shrink products to help improve the pores, especially after the deep cleansing mask, when the pores are more likely to hide dirt and dirt, appropriate use of products with astringent ingredients, canHelps shrink pores.

  7, sun protection is also the key In summer, the sun is violent and the ultraviolet rays are strong. At this time, you must pay attention to daily sun protection, because ultraviolet rays can cause skin aging, melanin precipitation and the gap between cells will become larger.

Therefore, proper use of sunscreen can effectively prevent pores from becoming larger.

  8. Don’t stay up late often for normal habits, eat less spicy, fried and other high-dose foods, develop a normal schedule, ensure adequate sleep seven or eight hours a day, develop a habit of drinking plenty of water, and explain stress in time to avoid irritationSebaceous glands make the pores bigger and more serious.