Jiang Fan holding her face,Said:“Go wash your face,Then we go,Old Xiao might have arrived at the unit long ago。”

“Old Xiao?”
“Yes,Secretary-General Xiao。”
“You told him?”
“Ha ha,Yes,I can’t tell without telling,Otherwise I can’t be too busy,I told him since the renovation in the first year,Let him warm up,He understood。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“As soon as he knew,Does everyone know?”
Jiang Fan said:“rest assured,I let him keep it secret,Say again,Today is saturday,The agency has rested except those on duty。”
Ding Yi said:“Aren’t we going to register?”
“Why do you go to work??”
Jiang Fan wiped a teardrop from her cheek with his finger,Said:“Little fool,The marriage registry office of the Civil Affairs Bureau is closed today,Lao Xiao arranged someone,Come to my office to handle it for us。”
“Oh,That’s it?Too troublesome?Oops,I didn’t even prepare sugar and cigarettes!”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“rest assured,Old Xiao is ready,In my office。”
After Ding Yi,Immediately opened his hand,Said:“Well,I go to wash my face。”Talking, Ran into the bathroom。
this time,She has no makeup,Just did a few usual moisturizing and skin care procedures,Then I didn’t forget on my lips,Put on a little lip gloss,This is the only place for makeup,Make your lips look vivid、More exciting。
After coming out,She looked at Jiang Fan,Said:“Jiang Fan,Can I wear makeup like this??”
Jiang Fan took her hand,Said:“Dear,Makeup can’t make you more beautiful,It disfigured you,You are born beautiful,Bing Qing Yujie,Natural,Nothing better than this。”

When Huang Youwei saw this,This moment,Huang Youwei waved his hand even more,Speak directly to this side。

And Huang Youwei’s surroundings,What about the rest,Is eager to try。
Such a good opportunity,If you don’t fight for it,Then it’s really too sad。
So here,Deep inside these people,Even more eager to try。
“well,But from the current situation,Next,What should I do,Actually it is an opportunity。”
“As long as Ye Xuan can be solved,Everything in the Huang Family,We can all take it back!”
Huang Youwei looked in front of him,I don’t forget to speak directly here。
slowly,It’s when Huang Youwei said what he said。
The people around see here,obviously,These people already fully understand。
Next,What should I do?。
but,I swept in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from the current point of view,Huang Youwei’s performance is very simple。
“So next,you all,What do you think?”
“I do not know,To force any of you!”
slowly,With Huang Youwei’s words finished。
The people around see here。
obviously,Look at these people,Such a thing,It’s really necessary. It should be resolved.。

Ding Yi smiled,Sit beside him,Said:“you are welcome——the following,Time to make a wish,Make a wish。”

Jiang Fan put his hands together,Put on the chest,Closed eyes……
Ding Yi smiled and looked at him。
After Jiang Fan made a wish,open one’s eyes,Against a few candles,Hold your breath,Blow out all in one breath。
Ding turned on the lights together,Pull out the candles on the cake carefully。Pass Jiang Fan a long-handled knife。Jiang Fan cut two small pieces of cake,Put them in two small trays。When Ding Yi is not paying attention,Rub the cream on Ding Yi’s face。
Ding Yi smiled,Raise the goblet,Said:“Comrade Jiang Fan,Happy Birthday。”
Jiang Fan also picked up the wine glass,Said:“Ding Yizhi,Long birthday wish you always happy——”
Two red wine glasses touched gently。
Jiang Fan is glad he went home,If you don’t go home,Not only will you miss such a birthday dinner full of surprises,It will also make Ding Yi regret preparing for all this。He took a bite of the dish,Said:“Why don’t you tell me in advance,What if I don’t come back to eat?”
Ding Yi picked up the knife and fork,Hold the sea cucumber,Cut the sea cucumber into small pieces,Picked up another small spoon,With a small piece of sea cucumber and egg liquid,Put it on Jiang Fan’s plate,Said:“I wanted to tell you in advance,But thinking that you didn’t call today and say you can’t come back,I knew you would come back to eat,So I don’t worry about preparing these。”
Jiang Fan put a piece of sea cucumber into his mouth with a small fork,Chewed a few times and said:“Not bad,Rotten,Tendons,bouncy。I declare,You successfully soaked sea cucumber for the first time。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Then eat all these pieces。”
Jiang Fan said:“Don’t just let me eat,You also eat。”
Ding Yi said:“I eat eggs,You better eat less eggs,Eggs have cholesterol,Old man,Eat more sea cucumbers,Eat less eggs。”

The three little girls are running,But immediately attracted the attention of Dao Chief and others。

“Liang Feng,When has that little girl learned Kung Fu??”
The Taoist asked in surprise。
“This one……I do not know either,Sister Qin Liang must have taught her。”
Liang Bong thought for a while and replied。
“Who are the two girls after her??”
Taoist asked again。
“It should be the two highly qualified girls that Junior Brother Qin Liang mentioned yesterday.……”
Liang Feng only met Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun a few times,So I can’t recognize them anymore。
The female leader immediately became interested,She began to look at the three girls running on the mountain intently,Especially the latter two……
In an instant, the three girls ran to the pavilion,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are just protecting Murong’s key,Not let her accident,So always just follow her two or three steps away。
“Grandpa Taoist!”

WTA Rookie Invitational-Zheng Sai defeated Puig in two sets to win the championship

BeijingtimeonOctober21stnews,thefirstWTArookieinvitationaltournamentendedthefinalchampionshipinSingapore.Intheend,ChineserookieZhenglosttoPuertoRicanbeautifulgirlPuig4-6/3-6aftertwofiercebattles,regrettingtoberunner-up.The21-year-oldPuigwonthefinalchampionshipwithfourvictories.  ZhengSai,whohasjustscoredinthetop100intheworld,wasvotedbynetizensandsenttothestageoftheWTAyear-endrookiecontest.AfterdefeatingRogersandDiassuccessively,ChinaXiaohuasuccessfullyenteredthefinals.AccompaniedbythechampionshipwasPuertoRicanlittlebeautyPuig,andanotheroneyearolderthanZhengSaisai,ranking61stintheworld.Thetwohadplayedagainsteachotherinthegroupstage,whenZhengSaisailostafterahardfight.SothisisalsothevengeanceoftheChineseteenager.  Atthebeginningofthegame,ZhengSasaitooktheleadaftersavingthebreakpointandled1-0.Puigalsoquicklyenteredthestate,hittingtheballafterabeautifulcross-balltokeepthetie.Afterthethreateningandvariableplayinthethirdinningsavedtwobreakpoints,theChineseteenagerBaofaenteredabreakbetweeninnings.Duringthemiddayperiod,thetwosideslaunchedafiercebattle.ZhengSasaiplayedmanydefensivecounterattacksandassaultonlinetacticsintheservinggame.However,atthecriticalmoment,Puigdidnothaveasofthandandcouldbeartheserveandtheoffensivelinetoresolvethetrouble.Afterthefirsteightgames,thescorewas4-4.Inthecrucialninthgame,ZhengSaisai’sturnoversincreased,andPuigtooktheopportunitytobreakthelead.Afterresistingtheopponent’scounterattack,thePuertoRicangirltooktheleadwith6-4.  Puig,whowaschasingafterthevictory,tooktheleadinthesecondsettobreak,leading1-0.ZhengSaisaithenlaunchedacrazycounterattack,butthePuertoRicangirlsavedfourbreakpointsinthefourthinningandstillhelda3-1lead.Afterhittingfourstraightgoals,theChineselittleflowersoundedthehornofcounterattack.However,Puig’sperformanceisstillstable.Afteraforehandbigslashwassuccessfullytransferred,hecompletedtheguaranteeandcontinuedtolead4-2.Thetwosidesthensecuredeachother’sserveonceagain,andPuigwonthematchpoint40-15intheindispensablegameofZhengSaisai.AlthoughtheChineseflowerregainedagoal,butstillhelplesswasbroken,losingthegame3-6.(Benson)

[How Toast Yali Pie]_Homemade Toast Yali Pie_How Toast Yali Pie_How to Toast Yali Pie

[How Toast Yali Pie]_Homemade Toast Yali Pie_How Toast Yali Pie_How to Toast Yali Pie

Many people now ignore their own health and do n’t pay attention to what they eat. They just buy something outside. In fact, it ‘s not as difficult to imagine eating healthy and nutritious things.The exercises are simple and a particularly delicious alternative, it is worth recommending.

1. Prepare the ingredients you need.

2. Wash and peel the pears.

3, change the knife and cut into cubes, squeeze into lemon juice to prevent oxidation and blackening.

4. Put butter into the pan to heat and soften.

5. Pour in caster sugar.

6. Keep stirring until it turns brown.

7. Pour in diced pears.

8. Pears will have a fragrant flavor after fully absorbing the sugar. Add cinnamon powder after softening.

9, stir well, the soup is sticky.

10, Sheng spare.

11. Toast slices are cut off on 4 sides.

12, use a rolling pin to roll into flat and strong pieces.

13. Put two spoonfuls of pear jam in the lower middle position.

14. Spread egg liquid around.

15. Fold it up.

16. Compact 3 sides with chopsticks.

17. Put the paste into the oven to heat and melt, add honey and stir well.

18. Use a knife to cut two blades to prevent bulging.

19. Apply grease.

20, put them in order, put them in a 200 degree preheated oven.

21. Bake for 5 minutes, then remove and apply a layer of egg liquid.

22. Continue baking until it is colored.

23, sieve powdered sugar on the surface and eat while hot.

We don’t completely deny the benefits of eating out, but it has a lot of shortcomings. The method of toast and pear pie is simple and healthy.

[Chicken noodle cold practice]_Chicken noodle cold_How to make_How to make

鍦ㄥ澶╅€傚悎鍚冨悇绉嶅噳鐨勪笢瑗匡紝鍑夐潰澶у鑲畾涓嶈兘閿欒繃锛屼笉鍚屽湴鍖哄噳闈㈢殑鍋氭硶涔熸槸涓嶄竴鏍风殑锛屽挨鍏舵槸楦′笣鍑夐潰鍦ㄥ洓宸濅竴甯﹀緢鍑哄悕锛岃€佸皯鐨嗗疁锛屽澶╁悆浜嗕篃鑳借В鏆戙€?涓€銆侀浮涓濆噳闈㈡潗鏂欓潰鏉?00g: It ‘s 100g. It ‘s 120g. It ‘s a good one?5ml: Do you want to add 1 pet?5ml: Identify 2 supplements?0ml: Read it?What do you love?5ml: What’s the difference?Gongg: What are you going to do?What do you love?0ml: What’s the matter?What do you love?0g: What’s the difference? 1 darling?5g: What’s the difference? 7g: What is the best way?5ml: What’s the difference?Gongg: What is the argument? What is the paper?5g: What’s going on?”Let’s press the button” or click on the button and click on the button to check it. You will be able to find out how to do it if you want to check it out.栨暎蹇€熼檷娓╋紝鍒颁簰涓嶉粡杩炰笖宸卞喎鍗翠负姝紝鎴愪负鍑夐潰銆?銆佺敤寮€姘寸儷鐓眴鑺界害鍗佺閽燂紝鎹炲嚭鍚庤繃鍐峰紑姘村苟鎸ゅ共姘村垎锛屾斁鍦ㄧ洏涓仛搴曪紝涓婇潰鏀惧噳闈紝鍐嶅皢楦¤倝鍜岄粍鐡滀笣鎽嗗湪闈㈡潯涓娿€?銆佺敤鍐峰紑姘存妸鎵€鏈夊叾浣欎綔鏂欐媽鍖€锛屾祰鍒伴浮涓濆噳闈笂鍐嶆拻涓嬭姳鐢熺锛屾悈鎷屾媽鍖€灏辫兘鍚冨暒銆?浜屻€侀浮涓濆噳闈㈡潗鏂欎富鏂欙細杈f绮夛紙鏈€濂芥槸浜夌帇鐗岀殑锛夈€佽崏鏋溿€侀鍙躲€佸叓瑙掋€佽姳妞掋€佹鐨€佸銆佽挏銆佽懕杈呮枡锛氭补銆佺敓鎶姐€佹枡閰掋€佺洂銆佺硸銆侀唻鍋氭硶1.鑽夋灉鎷嶇牬锛屽拰棣欏彾銆佷笁澶х墖濮溿€佷竴涓叓瑙掋€?0 ad?5 A beautiful girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl, a girl.100ml 幸 幸 咸 勬 勑 Supplement 鐑 吹吹 吧 鐧 鐏  悗 鏅 sentence 却 鍒 嗛 尓 尘 垎 導 尋 Di 嫔 幪 Didi Peaks in the world of the world’s branch of the f?.閿呮礂鍑€锛屽姞鍏ュ鐗囥€侀鍙躲€佹鐨紝鍊掑叆閫傞噺鐢熸娊鍜屽皯璁告枡閰掞紝鍔犲皯璁哥洂鍜岀硸鐓紑锛岀洿鍒扮叜鍑洪鍛冲悗鍏崇伀锛屾櫨鍑夛紱4.It ‘s hard to make up for the difficulty. The girl is very hard. The girl is embroidered. She is embroidered. The girl is protected. The girl is in trouble. The girl is in trouble. The rule is for you.Sui Difeng 懎 瑁 呭 咪 咰 咅 咷 Ad?.鏀惧叆钁辫姳鍜岃挏钃夋悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屽氨鍒舵垚浜嗛夯杈f眮锛?。鍚冪殑鏃跺€欏啀鍔犻唻锛屼笉鐒跺鏄撳潖鎺?。This is the best way to make sure that you are in good luck, and that the damn girl is in trouble.氨鍙互鍚冨柦 涓夈€侀浮涓濆噳闈㈡潗鏂欐箍鍦嗛潰鏉★紝楦¤兏鑲夛紝榛勭摐锛岃眴鑺斤紝鑺濋夯閰憋紝杈f閰憋紝鐢熸娊锛岄鑿滃仛娉?.What is the best way to get it?What are you talking about? What are you talking about?I am so sorrowful, I am very happy, I am so happy, I am so happy, I am so happy that I am very happy.榛勭摐鍒囦笣锛岃眴鑺借彍鐒儷涓€涓嬶紝鑺濋夯閰卞嚑鍕猴紝鍔犵敓鎶姐€佺洂銆佺櫧寮€姘磋В寮€锛岃嚦鑸€璧锋潵鍛堟恫浣撴祦鍔ㄧ姸3.It’s a lot of sorrows, and it’s a lot of sorrows ★★ 麴 鍏 ュ 紑 姑 姨 揨 啨  紑 縀 尀 ゆ  姘 达 纴 玹 炲 嚩 囩 對 僎 奎 僱 僾 僱 僾 僰 僾 僰 僱 僾 僽Yi Guigui Qi Qi?.闈㈡潯鏀剧洏閲屻€侀粍鐡滀笣銆佽眴鑺姐€侀浮涓濄€侀鑿滈檲鍒楄捣鏉ワ紝娴囦笂鑺濋夯閰卞拰杈f閰憋紙涓嶅悆杈g殑鍙笉鏀撅紝鍠滄鍚冭挏鐨勶紝鍙互鐮镐簺钂滄偿鏀鹃噷闈㈠悆锛夋拻灏戣鐔熺殑鐧借姖楹诲嵆鍙紑鍚冧簡銆?

[Is the stomach not good for alkaline foods?]_ Stomach_Impact

鑳冪梾涓€鑸槸鍥犱负骞虫椂楗涓嶈寰嬮€犳垚鐨勶紝灏ゅ叾鏄粡甯稿彂鐢熻儍閰哥殑浜猴紝寰€寰€This is the most important thing in the world. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.敓鑳冮吀鎴栨槸鑳冪値鎱㈡€х柧鐥呫€備絾鏄紝鑳冧笉濂藉悆纰辨€ч鐗╁ソ鍚楋紵鍙戠敓鑳冮吀鏃朵篃纭疄姣旇緝閫傚悎鍚冧竴浜涘惈纰辨€х墿璐ㄧ殑椋熺墿锛屾瘮濡傝彔鑿溿€佹补鑿溿€佽姳鐢熶互鍙婇閱嬬瓑銆傝儍閰稿悆浠€涔堝ソ?1 銆 佸 溰 纰 燚 博 嗙 夑 椋 椋 墺 劆 傆 傝 傝 傰 歌 斶 斶 Un 喋 椋 熷 熈 纰 纰 珚 博博 卑 尋 尋 冽 倽 倽 尽 尽 兽 囆犺彍銆佹补鑿溿€佸叧澶村嵎蹇冭彍绛夋柊椴滆敩鑿滀笌姘存灉;鑰屽皯椋熷惈閰哥殑椋熺墿锛屽璞嗙被銆佽姳鐢熴€侀唻銆佹补鑴傞鍝佺瓑銆備弗閲嶇殑鑳冮吀杩囧鐥囷紝鍙敤鐢熷鍜屾櫘娲辫尪涓€璧风叜锛屽枬姹ゃ€?銆佷綆鑴傘€佷綆绯栭鐗┿€傝儍閰歌繃澶氬疁椋熶綆鑴傘€佷綆绯栭鐗╋紝鑰岄珮鑴傚拰鐢滈鍧囪兘寮曡捣鑳冮吀鍒嗘硨澧炲姞銆傞伩鍏嶆憚鍏ュ埡婵€鑳冮吀澧炲姞鐨勮皟鍛冲搧锛屽杈f銆佸挅鍟°€佽姤鏈瓑銆?銆侀潰椋熴€傝儍閰歌繃澶氬簲浠ラ潰椋熶负涓伙紝闈㈤鑳界█閲婅儍閰革紝鍏朵腑鐨勭⒈杩樿兘涓拰鑳冮吀銆傝眴娴嗐€佺播绫荤瓑锛岃兘绋€閲婅儍閰搞€佷繚鎶よ儍绮樿啘銆傛彁閱掞紝骞虫棩灏戝悆娌圭偢椋熺墿銆佽荆妞掋€佸お閰搞€佸お鐢滅瓑锛屼互鍏嶅姞閲嶈儍閰搁€嗘祦鐨勫彂鐢熴€傚涓嶆槗娑堝寲鎴栧鏄撳彂鑳€浜ф皵鐨勯鐗╁绮藉瓙銆佺背绯曘€佹牴鑼庣被銆佽眴绫荤瓑椋熺墿锛屽簲澶氬拃鍤煎啀鍜戒笅锛屾垨灏戦噺Sorry, silly, silly, song, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful?鍏嬨€侀粍杩?鍏嬨€佺墶铓?鍏嬨€佹粦鐭?鍏嬨€佺煶鍐虫槑9鍏嬶紝姘寸厧鏈嶏紝鏃╂櫄鍚勪竴娆″垎鏈嶏紝姝ゆ柟棰囧叿鐤忚倽鍜岃儍锛屾俯涓寲婀匡紝鏁g粨姝㈢棝鐨勮壇鏁堛€?銆佸厷鍙傘€佷簯鑻撳悇9鍏嬨€侀檲鐨€佸埗鍗婂鍚?鍏嬶紝鐧芥湳銆佺爞浠佸悇6鍏嬶紝钄讳粊銆侀闄勩€佺櫧鑺嶅悇6鍏嬶紝鐐欑敇鑽?Click on the button and click on the button to read the message ★ 畴 镞 ╂ 髒 嗘 湇 Admitted that the 堽 彲 宁 Ning told the 揇 鐢  纴 溴 攁 晆?銆佺鏇层€佸帤鎵戝悇6鍏嬶紝闄堢毊5鍏嬶紝榛勮繛2鍏嬶紝鏋冲疄3鍏嬶紝璞嗚敾3鍏嬶紝浜戣嫇9鍏嬶紝Last “read?What is the difference between 12 and 12?.5鍏嬶紝鐢樿崏3鍏嬶紝涓€鏃ヤ竴鍓傦紝姘寸厧涓ゆ锛屾棭鏅氬垎鏈嶏紝鍏锋湁鎶戞娉涢吀鍢堟潅锛屾俯鑴剧泭鑳冧箣鏁堛€傝儍閰歌繃澶氶鐤楃殑鍥涗釜蹇犲憡1銆侀ギ椋熻鏈夎寰嬶紝鏈€濂芥瘡椁愬皯鍚冧竴鐐癸紝鍔犲杩涢鐨勬鏁帮紝灏介噺涓嶈鍑虹幇楗垮埌鑲氱棝鐨勬儏鍐碉紝濡傛灉鍑虹幇楗ラタ鐨勬劅瑙夛紝鎴栬儍涓嶈垝鏈嶏紝鍙互鍏堝悆涓€浜涚偣蹇冦€?You can’t wait to see what’s going on here: what’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?儹椋熺墿銆侀ギ鏂欙紝楗鐨勬俯搴﹀簲閫備腑锛岃尪銆佹按銆佹堡閮戒笉瀹滆繃鐑€備笉瑕佸悆澶棣欐枡銆侀吀杈e強杩囧捀鐨勯鐗┿€傞ギ椋熶互娓呮贰涓轰富锛屽懗閲嶄細鍒烘縺鑳冮吀鍒嗘硨銆?銆佸姞閲嶅埡婵€鐨勪笢瑗胯灏戝悆锛屽澶ц挏銆佹磱钁便€佸阀鍏嬪姏銆佹煈妗旂被姘存灉銆佽杽鑽枫€佽タ绾㈡熆绛夈€傚皯閲忕殑鐢熷鍜岃儭妞掞紝鍙殩鑳冨拰澧炲己鑳冪矘鑶滅殑淇濇姢浣滅敤銆備笉瑕佸枬閰掑拰鍜栧暋銆傜壒鍒槸閰掞紝瀵硅儍鍒烘縺杩囧ぇ锛屼細浣挎簝鐤℃伓鍖栥€?銆侀キ鍚庝笉瑕佸惛鐑燂紝鑳藉涓€鐩翠笉鍚哥儫鏇村ソ銆傜潯瑙夊墠涓嶅悆涓滆タ锛屽彟澶栫潯瑙夋椂灏嗗ご閮ㄦ垨搴婂ご鍨珮涓€鐐广€傛彁閱掞紝鑳冮吀杩囧瑕佸缓璁互闈㈡潯銆侀澶翠负涓婚锛屽鍚冪⒈鎬ч鍝併€傝繖鏍峰彲浠ヤ腑鍜岃儍閰搞€傝繕鏈夎澶氶灏戦锛屽悆澶瀹规槗鑳冪┛瀛旓紝鍚冨お灏戜細瀵艰嚧鑳冮吀鍔犲墽銆傝€屽椁愬皯椋熷氨鏄淇濊瘉鑲氬瓙鍦ㄥぇ閮ㄥ垎鏃堕棿閮芥槸楗辫吂鐨勶紝杩欐What are you going to do with each other? Are you stupid and stupid? 

How Chinese medicine treats liver cancer

How Chinese medicine treats liver cancer

Liver cancer is the king of cancer, with a high mortality rate and rapid development.

Western medicine is also helpless for liver cancer. For patients with advanced liver cancer, the length is 1-2 years, and the short is 2 months or even shorter.

So how does Chinese medicine treat liver cancer?

Therefore, we specially visited Professor Zheng Weida, Vice Chairman of the Cancer Branch of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Member of the Central Committee of the Chinese Agricultural Workers’ Party, and President of Beijing Weida TCM Cancer Hospital.

Professor Zheng Weida said: According to the understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations and prognosis of liver cancer, primary liver cancer can be divided into four types of qi stagnation and blood stasis, spleen deficiency and dampness, liver and gallbladder dampness, and liver and kidney yin deficiency.According to clinical changes, add or subtract applications.

  Professor Zheng Weida is a family of traditional Chinese medicine. He has been engaged in anti-tumor business of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 30 years and has rich experience in treatment.

In the interview with Professor Zheng Weida, we also asked the same question, how does Chinese medicine treat liver cancer?

Professor Zheng Weida believes that in the treatment of liver cancer, we can’t just stare at the “liver” and make a holistic treatment.

Although liver cancer is difficult to treat, it can prolong life for a certain period of time. This can be done.

From the perspective of TCM treatment, liver cancer is divided into the following types: 1.

Main symptoms of Qi stagnation and blood stasis type: chest tightness, abdominal distension, fatigue, fatigue, channeling pain or swelling in both sides, abdomen clumping, push it away, pale red or dark red or ecchymosis on the edge, thin white or slight furYellow, pulsed.

  Rule: Shugan Qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, supplement the spleen.

  Recipe: Xiaochaihu Decoction.

Chaihu, Scutellaria baicalensis, turmeric, Rhizoma Curcuma, Chenpi, Rhubarb, Chiba, Fried Atractylodes macrocephala, Puccinia officinalis, Hedyotis diffusa, Scutellaria barbata, Shijianchuan, Yanbai, etc.


The main symptoms of spleen deficiency and dampness are fatigue, fatigue, appetite, weight loss, abdominal distension, fullness, painful limbs, swollen feet, pale tongue, greasy fur, slippery or sloppy pulse strings.

  Governance: Yiqi Jianpi Huashi, supplemented with Shuganhuoxue, soften phlegm.

  Recipe: Sijunzi Decoction.

Codonopsis (or Pseudostellaria heterophylla), Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, White lentils, Red rattan, Coriander spp., Raw Longmu, August tasting, Potbelly skin, 鳖 Golden beetle, Dilong, Ginger pinellia.


Liver and gallbladder hot and humid type: deep jaundice, long-lasting, dull color, dark face, fever, pain, nausea, poor mouth, dry urine, short red tongue, red or palate tongue, yellow-brown or scorched yellow, pulse stringOr slip the number.

  Rule: Qingli liver and gallbladder damp-heat, supplemented with blood circulation.

  Recipe: Yin Chenhao Decoction plus Biejia Decoction.

Yinchen, Moneygrass, Lobelia, Lobelia, Saussurea, Raw Coix Seeds, Red Rattan, Mandrill, Rhubarb, Scutellaria, Turmeric, August Seed, etc.


Liver-kidney yin deficiency type syndromes: irritability, dry mouth, low fever, night sweats, weight loss, muscle soreness, short urine, redness, vomiting blood in the stool, or persistent ascites.astringent.

  Rule: nourishing yin, softening liver and nourishing blood, supplemented by softness and firmness.

  Recipe: Zishui Qinggan Yin Helan Dou Fengjing Decoction.

Habitat, Poria cocos, Paeonia lactiflora, Mandrill chinensis, Angelica, Danpi, Zexia, Zelan, Lulutong, Zhishizi, Bupleurum, Mandrillus, Turpentine, Turtle Board, etc


The main symptoms are not obvious: the patient has no obvious symptoms, only abdominal mass, or slight fatigue, poor appetite, bloating, red tongue, thin white fur, and flat pulse.

  Rule: Spleen and Qi, soften phlegm.

  Recipe: Sijunzi Decoction.

Prince Edward, Fried Atractylodes, Poria, Raw Oyster, Red Vine, Wild Grape Vine, etc.

  The treatment of liver cancer has a long way to go and requires long-term exploration by Chinese and foreign experts to achieve it.

Psychotherapy for Internet Addiction

Psychotherapy for Internet Addiction


Cognitive Therapy Cognitive Reconstruction: Changing its firm and stubborn beliefs, such as “Games are awesome”, “Internet access is fun”, “There is nothing more exciting than Internet access” (Socrates questioning, debate can be usedLaw): Motivation for Internet access, attitude to the Internet: Do not emotionally dislike and replace it, adopt a “guide” rather than “block” attitude, and let them fully realize the serious impact of addiction (used in the case of addiction)Cue card).

  Self-reminder: Put the advantages and disadvantages of surfing the Internet on a symmetrical piece of paper, arrange them in order of severity, and do ideological struggles 10-20 times a day, 3-5 minutes each time, especially when you are addicted; you can alsoPut the advantages and disadvantages in conspicuous places, such as on the computer, bedroom, and door; record the meditation or loudly read the disadvantages of surfing the Internet on your own every day: overcoming your thoughts about unreasonable Internet access will benefit and disadvantage the InternetList them on a piece of symmetrical paper, arrange them in order of severity, and do ideological struggles 10-20 times a day, 3-5 minutes each time, especially when you have an addiction. You can also put the advantages and disadvantages in a prominent way.Places, such as computers, bedrooms, and doors; daily meditation or loud reading of the disadvantages of surfing the Internet: overcoming your own ideas about unreasonable Internet self-debating: imagine the extreme consequences of Internet addiction, such as: Decline in performance, being looked down upon by everyone, being humiliated by others, sorry for your parents, loved ones, etc. Let the “ideal self” and the “real self” debate during addiction, and let your inner morality be responsible.任And a sense of guilt, a sense of failure fight: emotionally overcome their own, determined to get rid of under pain of addiction, addiction to enhance their motivation.

  Self-suggestion: If you have the idea of going online again and again, such as “No, you should study now, wait until the weekend”, “I can do it”, “I must give up”, whenever resistance resists temptation, Study hard, and after a fulfilling day, self-encouragement, such as “I won another victory today, continue to persevere, come on”.

This continuously strengthens, forms a benign stimulus, strengthens one’s will, and suppresses the desire to go online.

Language suggestion can be either by talking to yourself, or by writing the reminder language in a diary, or sticking it on the opening. On the bedside, the brakes are often seen, and when I think of it, I urge myself to concentrate on it.


Behavioral therapy reinforcement method: self-reward, self-punishment, that is, give yourself some small rewards or punishments depending on the progress of the day, but it should be noted that the content used should have nothing to do with the Internet.

Rewards and punishments can be performed by addicts themselves, or they can ask teachers, classmates, and parents to assist in the implementation.

For example, when the goal is performed correctly, reward yourself for eating the same snack or buying something you like, otherwise run 1000 meters or do cleaning.

  Behavioral Contract Law: Addicts and parents agree on a behavioral contract to withdraw from the Internet. Addicts sign a contract and become the observant of the contract. Parents hold the executor of the contract, thereby regulating the Internet behaviors of addicts.Its self-discipline.

  Aversion therapy: electric shock from the “aversion stimulation therapy device”, meditating on various insults caused by the Internet obsession, imagining the decadent and decadent look of the Internet and the Internet, and even allowing it to cooperate with the original photo when the Internet is in a state of weaknessIn contrast, when compared with the previous good state of mind, let them dislike their excessive online behavior, thereby promoting self-recovery and enhancing self-efficacy, but be careful not to generalize to dislike the entire self.

  Imagination: Imagine the extreme consequences of Internet addiction, such as decline in performance, being looked down on by everyone, humiliated by others, sorry for your parents, loved ones, etc. Imagine your decadent and decadent look after a long time online; let itDislike the image of “real self” and use “ideal self” to motivate yourself.

  Relaxation training: In order to deal with the tension, worry, anxiety, anger, and other bad emotions that occur during the addiction in the Internet, use muscle relaxation methods, imagination relaxation methods, deep breathing relaxation methods to stabilize the mood and cheer up.


There are other methods of adjuvant therapy that are not easily classified as cognitive therapy or behavioral therapy, but they may be used in both therapies. The main issues involved in this study are: Attention Transfer: Finding Happiness in Other ActivitiesSuch as enjoying a beautiful and lyrical music, going to the sports field for jogging, playing ball, reading some relaxed and interesting books, or shopping with friends, walking, watching movies, outings and so on.

For some students who have loneliness and depression due to excessive Internet access, they should be encouraged to participate in physical exercise to promote the release of neuro-belly substances in the brain.

  Social support law: members of society, especially parents, should pay more attention to addicts, understand them, help them, and create a comfortable and safe interpersonal environment for them to quit the Internet. Let them realize the interpersonal warmth in real life and satisfy them.The psychological needs of interpersonal and emotional communication, thus changing the way to go to the Internet to find the satisfaction of psychological needs.