She is the same as Shen Ruoxi,It’s finally easy to relax all night,So I have to vent my depression in this way。

Chen Hao helpless,I had to walk over and sit in the same chair with Murong Shan,Let Murongshan hug herself obediently!Fortunately, that chair is big enough,And both of them are very slim,So it’s not crowded,It’s just that this scene is a bit confusing“Imagination”Up……Two peerless beauties, Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan,One person holds another peerless beauty in his arms!How ambiguous this scene is……
“Why do i feel so weird!If the police show up,Do you think the four of us are fornicating?,Catch us?”
Song Min joked awkwardly。
“Hahahaha……Why are you girl thinking so much?The four of us are girls,What is fornication?Miss you too much!”
Murong Shan answered with a smile。
“What happened to the four girls?What if they think the four of us are gay?”
Song Min continued to say whimsically。
“That’s fine,Then I will tell them;Call me both Mei Zi, the captain of the Interpol and Yang Shiyun, your chief!”
Murong Shan carelessly said。
“I suddenly thought of a more funny scene!You say;In case the police suddenly show up,Found that I was holding Yang Shiyun,You are holding a plum,Will they go crazy??”
Shen Ruoxi said more whimsically!
“puff……Hahahaha!If that’s the case,Even if not crazy,They must also think they are insane!Hahahaha……”

Peng Changyi sat down in the starting position,I looked up at everyone and said:“Sit down,Why don’t you guys sit?”

Kou Jinghai turned his head and said:“How are we sitting here??Brother Yao,Shall we take the corridor?”
Yao Bin said:“Secretary Peng,This is not our private party,You,Don’t make it difficult for everyone。”
Peng Changyi said:“Isn’t this a private party?If it’s a work party, then there is nothing for me,I am leaving。”Talking,Stand up and leave。”
Cao Nan reached out and stopped him。
Zhang Dongliang hurriedly said:“Secretary Peng,This is not exactly a work party。Because of…….”
“Incomplete or a little bit,Then it’s not convenient for me here。”Peng Changyi continues to leave。
“Look,Started playing again?”Kou Jinghai cast a white look at his back,Whispered。
Peng Changyi stopped,Turn around and say to him:“How to call it again?As if i always play。”
“Who can tell。”Kou Jinghai argued quietly。
Shu Qing understands what happened,She pursed her mouth“Hee hee”Smiled。
Peng Changyi said:“Since you don’t want me to go,Then,I won’t go to that seat today,Invite provincial leaders to sit here。”Talking,I reached out to Shu Qing,Made a please gesture。
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“Don’t draw the fire on me,How about I move a bench,Also sit in the corridor?”
“Hey,You learn fast?”Peng Changyi pouted and said。
“Haha。”Everyone laughed。
Cao Nan said:“Don’t stand like this,Came to the development zone and didn’t get a ticket。”
“Old rules,Seat rows by age。”Peng Changyi said。
If seats are arranged by age,Cao Nan’s largest。Cao Nan quickly arched his hands and said:“Dear,Don’t,The leaders are here,I can’t take that seat anyway,Leaders,Don’t betray me。”
Yao Bin says:“Changyi,I don’t call you the secretary,Don’t make it difficult for everyone,Sit on it today,As for those rules,Also has a scope of adaptation。”

The conversation between the two ends,There is a green spirit around Zhang Hai,Because it’s too big,Lead to materialization,This is the strength of entering the holy realm。

Xia Chenglong took out the rust sword,He intends to use a sword here,The sky full of sword shadows floating around randomly,Flying with the rust sword into the air。
Zhang Hai wants to hit him,Must break this layer of sword shadow,For a guy who entered the third rank,Is a big challenge。
“what……Sirius Wolf,Roar!”
Aura,From the unique sign of the Holy Land,If used with suitable martial arts,Power will increase many times。
Unfortunately,He has all kinds of martial arts。
“Rebellion of Sirius!”
Zhang Hai roared,The spirit wolf in the sky turned into a three-headed god fork,The fork moves quickly in the direction of Xia Chenglong,I can even hear the sound of breaking the air around。
“I am the boss here,No one can stop me,No one can change my will,So the one who stopped me,Go to death!”
Zhang Hai is crazy,Really all spiritual power is injected into the trident,He knows that the man in front of him is very strong,So from the beginning, I didn’t plan to stay。
As the level of the military department in his twenties,Can only show his strength,Zhao Yanqing only reached the peak of the extraordinary at the age of 40,The first person in his holy realm to fight at this time,Complete shit is not。
Xia Chenglong shook his head helplessly,All the virtual swords come down to the body of the iron sword,The appearance of rust has not changed,But its breath is strengthening。
The fork of the deep character collides with the rust sword,A huge shock wave formed around the two,Spread around。

“I have a way,I’m not afraid he won’t talk,Hehe,Don’t let me use force,I can handle this as well,Waiting。”

Qin Liang suddenly smiled secretly,Then took out the phone,Made a call and went out。
“What are you doing again?”
Shen Ruoxi asked inexplicably。
Qin Liang made a don’t speak gesture,Shen Ruoxi had to shut her mouth。
Phone connected……
“Hey,it’s me,Qin Liang,You are now convenient for you?it is good,Then you come to my house immediately,I have important things to ask you for help……OK,Waiting for you。”
After a simple call,Qin Liang hung up the phone。
Shen Ruoxi wanted to ask who he called,But I thought about it again,Still don’t ask,She knew that Qin Liang liked her most:I never ask what he is doing out,Who to call,In fact, Qin Liang never spied on any of her privacy。
“If you find the person behind the scenes,What are we going to do?”
Chen Haowen。
“Cut grass and root!”
Qin Liang said viciously on purpose,Also made a hand hack。
Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan and Chen Hao,The three girls feel a chill on their bodies……

FIFA’s latest ranking-Brazil returns to the first national football after 7 years, rises 5 places, Asia still ranks 9th

OntheafternoonofApril6th,Beijingtime,FIFAannouncedthelatestworldrankingofmen’sfootball.Brazil’snationalteamreturnedtotheworld’sfirstthroneaftersevenyears,andArgentinagaveupthetopspot.Switzerlandrosebytwoplacestothetop10.TheChineseMen’sFootballTeamdefeatedSouthKorea1-0intheWorldPreliminariesandrose5placesto81stplace.  IntheWorldPreliminariesonMarch28th,BrazildefeatedParaguay3-0athomeandlockedtheticketsforthe2018WorldCup4roundsinadvance,becomingthefirstnationalteamtoadvancetothe2018WorldCupinadditiontothehostRussia.WiththewonderfulperformanceoftheWorldPreliminaries,theBrazilianteamrosebyoneplace,andonceagaintooktheFIFAWorldNo.1throneafter7years!  Amongthetop10teams,GermanyandChilestillmaintain3-4positions.InMarch,Colombia,whichhadatwo-gamewinningstreak,rosetofifthplace,andBelgiumfelltwoplacestoseventhplace.6thFrance,8thPortugal,and10thSpainremainunchanged.  IntheAFC,Iranranks28thintheworldandistheleaderinAsia.SouthKorearanks43rd,Japanranks44th,Australiaranks50th,SaudiArabiaranks52nd,Uzbekistanranks60th,UAEranks74th,andSyriaranks80th.TheChineseteamisstillthe9thinAsia.TheonlydifferenceisthatQatarisovertakenbythenationalfootballteam,butSyriaisrankedhigherthanthenationalfootballteam.  Inthepreviousranking,thenationalfootballteamwas86thintheworldand9thinAsia,rankinglowerthanthesmallcountriesofCentralandNorthAmericaandtheCaribbean,SaintKittsandNevis.SaintKittsandNevisranked73rdinthepreviousFIFArankings,andthisrankingisonly4.Asmallcountrywithapopulationof60,000dropped26th,ranking99th,surpassedbythenationalfootballteam.

[How to cook peanut rice is more delicious]_ practice _ practice Daquan

[How to cook peanut rice is more delicious]_ practice _ practice Daquan

Peanut rice contains a large amount of vitamins and niacin, as well as a small amount of oil and so on. Long-term consumption can reduce the cholesterol effect in the body and delay the aging of the body. Children’s long-term consumption can help bones develop.Peanut rice is very cheap, so it is very common on the table. Boiled peanuts can better retain the nutritional content. So how to cook peanut rice is better?

First, how to cook peanut rice is better?

Material: Peanut rice, salt, peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, etc. Method: Clean the prepared peanut rice.

Put the cleaned peanuts in a basin, then add water, cover the peanuts with water, and soak the salt and ingredients in the basin. The most important time is about 3 hours.

Boil the peanuts, add water and ingredients to a high heat and boil, then cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Then, put the cooked peanuts in a pot for later use. Remember not to change the soup, it is easier to store the old soup.

Second, add 1000g of raw peeled peanuts to the pot, and add water to the depth of two fingers.

Add 10g of salt.

Add two ginger slices.

Add two peppercorns (star anise).

Add 80 capsicum (pepper).

Add 3-5 pieces of Chenpi.

Add chives and cut into 3 pieces.

Add 3-5 dried peppers.

Turn on the heat and start cooking for 50 minutes.

Out of the pan.

How to cook peanut rice is better?

Ingredients: Peanut, salt, pepper, fragrant leaves, star anise, fennel.

Method: Put the peanuts in a pot and soak them in water for 5 minutes, and then repeatedly rinse the soil with water to remove the peanuts. Squeeze the peanuts and open the mouth to add more flavor when stepping on the boil.

Put the peppercorns, star anise (aniseed), cumin and fragrant leaves into the tea bag and seal well.

Pour more than twice as much water as the peanuts into the pot, add the bag, pour the peanuts, cover one piece, boil over high heat and turn to medium heat. Continue cooking for 10 minutes and turn off the heat.

Sprinkle with salt, stir well and cover for 2 hours before serving. The taste is best.

If the peanuts cannot be eaten all at once, they should be kept in the refrigerator in the refrigerator and stored in the refrigerator. It is recommended to put some soup of boiled peanuts during storage, so that when they are eaten the next day, the flavor will be stronger and the peanuts will not dry out.Affect the taste.

[How to make pumpkin toast]_Homemade pumpkin toast_How to make pumpkin toast_How to make pumpkin toast

[How to make pumpkin toast]_Homemade pumpkin toast_How to make pumpkin toast_How to make pumpkin toast

Many people say that they can cook, but they are particularly good at making instant noodles.

In order to avoid this embarrassment, let ‘s learn together. Let ‘s give everyone a little pumpkin toast. Take a closer look.

Raw materials are available.


Peel the pumpkin, slice it after washing.


Put it in a steamer, steam it, and press it into mud.


All ingredients except grease are put into the breadmaker.


After kneading the ingredients into a smooth dough, add the oil cut into small pieces.


Continue kneading until all the fat is absorbed, producing fascia.


Basic fermentation, fermented to about twice as large.


Relax the fermented dough and add 6 equal portions.


Take a small portion and roll it into long strips.


Then roll up and place in a toast box.


Ferment until the mold is full.


Preheat the oven and bake at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes.


Bake it out of the mold and let it cool on the drying rack.

Maybe you have eaten countless mountain and sea food, maybe you never cook yourself.

But after reading the introduction of the pumpkin toast, you definitely want to try it yourself, so hurry up.

[How to make fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms]_Homemade method of fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms_How to make fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms_How to make fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms and eggs

[How to make fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms]_Homemade method of fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms_How to make fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms_How to make fried rice with curry shiitake mushrooms and eggs

We can only work better if we are healthy, and we can enjoy all the good things in life. If the health is damaged by improper diet, it is very annoying. The method of curry mushroom and egg fried rice is simple, and it also contains moreThis kind of nutrient that the human body needs has great health benefits.

1. Wash and chop the remaining lettuce at home.

2, shiitake mushrooms are a variety of trace element ingredients, have the effect of improving human immunity, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, mental workers of the elderly and children eat it very well, so, often eat shiitake mushrooms.

However, shiitake mushrooms are also “hair products”. If you have severe skin diseases, you should eat them less.

3. Pre-soaked mushrooms.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t soak in advance. Soak up in the morning and use the winter water from the water heater to soak your hair. Cover it, wash it, or do other preparations. It will soak in more than 20 minutes.

4. Divide the fragrant shiitake mushrooms.

5. There are still a few fish intestines left in the toast.

6, the taste is very salty, vegetarians do not need to add.

Adding flavor will be more delicious.

7, ham can also be added.

8, diced 9, fish sausage and ham are cut.

10, eggs 1?
2 as you like.

I like to eat eggs, so I use two.

11, add water to break up.

12. Heat the pan with cold oil and the eggs.

13. Chopsticks Hasa.

14. Load the plate for future use.

15, still hot pan cold oil, add mushrooms, salt, stir fry.

16, lower the ham and fish sausage and stir fry.

17. Add rice and stir fry.

18, a few drops of raw soy sauce, stir fry.

19. Add vegetables and stir well.

20, add the right amount of curry powder, put it according to your own taste.

21, stir-fry and put in a bowl.

22. A bowl of egg fried rice exuding the flavor of mushrooms and curry is out.

23, served with white bean curd, tadpoles are delicious.

24. Experts said, do n’t underestimate this white bean curd. After fermented soy products, plant protein can be better absorbed by the human body, so do not mix white bean curd with ordinary pickles.

25, with fruits and vegetables, today’s breakfast can be described as comprehensive nutrition.

26, drink another cup of Tieguanyin, this little life is alive, hehe.

Cooking is not an easy task, but the method of curry, curry, mushroom and egg fried rice is very simple. With a little thought, you can make yourself eat delicious food.

How to make eyelashes longer


How to make eyelashes longer

Guide: The only way to make eyelashes long is to apply mascara.

Beauty experts will teach you how to make your eyelashes longer. Here are a few steps to apply mascara, as long as you follow these steps to learn.

Even short eyelashes can become very long!

If you do n’t know how to brush your eyelashes, hurry up and learn, it works!

  How to make eyelashes longer1.

Use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes in order from the outermost tip to the middle root, in order to avoid the irreparable large angle caused by the root clamp first.

The eyelashes clipped in this way are naturally curled and can reach 80 degrees.


If you want to make your eyes look good, you can use the special eyelash curler to clip the outer eyelashes. This will make the eyes look bigger.


How to make the eyelashes longer, when you first draw the eyeliner, start from the heel, and draw a thin line with the eyelashes growing tightly, about 0 wide.


2 cm, slightly upward to the end of the eye, and slightly over the contour of the eye, so that the contour of the eye will be more obvious.

Lower eyeliner just needs to draw the end of the eye to the middle of the eye, so that the eyes look more natural.

Here is a reminder of the single eyelid MM. In order to avoid making the eyes look smaller, you can only draw from the lower eyelid tail to the front, to 1/3 or 1/2 of the eye length, and the upper eyeliner need not be painted.

But if you stick a double eyelid sticker, it’s another matter.


When applying mascara, repeat the application from the root of the eyelashes up to the fullest volume in a zigzag pattern.

The eyelashes near the eyes are always the most sparse and not easy to brush. You can straighten the mascara to strengthen the eyelashes one by one.

Finally, apply curling mascara twice on the outer corners of the eyelashes to make it more visible.

When applying eyelashes, you can use a small brush head. Partial type mascara is brushed left and right first, and the lower eyelashes are rolled around to make the eyes larger and the eyes more three-dimensional.

  How to make your eyelashes longer, if you let the mascara dry back to life: (1) add eye drops.

It only takes 2 drops and shake well.

Remember not to slam it. This is too much, but the original waterproof effect is gone, it will easily make you a panda.

  (2) Add toner.

This method is also learned from the TV. It is said that as long as 2-3 drops, the dried mascara can be used again, but this pick, please be careful, don’t be too much, otherwise the mascara will become liquid.Can’t brush it, especially the fiber mascara.

  The mascara has been used for a long time, and the bacteria in the air will enter the bottle in large quantities, thus breeding a lot of bacteria.

This is why many MMs use mascara the more they brush, the more itchy the eyes.

That’s why I don’t buy too expensive mascara right now.

Haha, as long as it is dense enough and long enough, waterproof and anti-staining, the effect is good.

Message from the editor: Beauty experts recommend that the mascara used by MM not exceed 3 months.

If you haven’t run out yet, it’s best to buy another one.

Psychological incentives to steal women’s happiness

Psychological incentives to steal women’s happiness

Guide: Women are born with delicate minds, are extremely sensitive to everything, and like to compare. As a result, they always find that their lives are not satisfactory, but have you ever thought that this kind of psychology is stealing your happiness.

  1. Not good at discovering that there are many positive and good aspects of life on the sunny side, but many people ignore them, “only see their misfortune, ignore their happiness”, “enlarge the happiness of others, shrink”His own happiness” is its true portrayal.

  In order to attract the attention of some media, some of the events in life also hyped up and reported.

Although satisfying people’s curiosity to a certain extent, it also reduces people’s positive attitude.

  2. Lack of faith After 20 years of sprint-like wealth race, some people, apart from making money, don’t know what the goals and pursuits in life are, or even what they want.

This lack of convictions and ideals makes it difficult to produce long-term, happy happiness.

  3, the old love is more modern people put their main energy into the competition, than the position, the room, the wealth . than the exchange, people’s hearts are left to look, there is no happiness.

Once people are not seeking how to be happy, but how to be happier than others, happiness is far away from you.

  4. I do n’t know about dedication. A study by Harvard University in the United States has shown that helping people in life makes them feel happier.

But in modern society, there are fewer and fewer people who are selfless and dedicated, and more and more trivial people.

If you finally figure out “what can I get from it” and “it’s not worth it to do this”, you will live very well.

  5. Not satisfied. As the saying goes, “satisfied people are always happy”, but fewer and fewer people can be satisfied. With a house, they want to change the size, they have a job, they want to change, and they have money to earn more .… These desires have caused people to endlessly toil and toil, forcing them to climb up to the “brilliant” summit.

  6. Mutual distrust Society Although communication is highly developed, people’s hearts are gradually distant.

Nowadays people are more and more skeptical of the “right brain” thinking mode, while the right brain is in charge of individuals, strength, locality, etc., and the feeling of happiness is 0.

Happiness comes from the feeling of the left brain. Many times it is not that there is less happiness in life, and some people no longer grasp the ability to feel happiness.

  7, too worried about the return of home purchases, child rearing, family support burdens, etc .; work pressure due to workplace tensions caused by tension; the handling of interpersonal relationships among friends and colleagues has become the “source of stress” for Chinese.

In big cities, no matter the elderly, young people or children, they are often in a state of restless anxiety, which makes people unable to realize happiness from the bottom of their hearts.