Guan Hao sank,Say:“We are divorced,You know?”

Secretary Liao was very dissatisfied with his answer,Just said:“I know you divorced,That’s why I used to deal with two words。 ”
Don’t know,Guan Hao did not compromise on this issue either,He said:“You should know,There will be no formal relationship after divorce,So there is no dealing with this problem。”
“You are talking about any kind of relationship between men and women,But obviously this is not the case for you。It doesn’t matter. You go to northern Shaanxi with her?It doesn’t matter that you are busy from start to finish at the funeral?”Secretary Liao said with a cold face。
“I’m not alone in going to northern Shaanxi,There are many other people?”Guan Hao argued。
“I won’t go around with you,Speak straight,Before you take office,Luo Ting heard about it somehow,She came to the provincial capital,Found my home,Told me about your situation。I am not criticizing you,Something you did wrong,Or it’s not in place。”Secretary Liao is obviously giving Guan Hao time to argue。
Guan Hao is strange,All divorced,Why Luo Ting suddenly appeared twice recently?When did she care about herself so much?Just say:“What’s wrong with me?”
“You don’t mention the remarriage in black or white,Hang someone,What’s the matter?Are you worthy of the dead old chief??”
Secretary Liao’s tone is obviously heavier,But it’s not hard to hear,This is not what he meant。
Guan Hao stepped on the brake,Liao Zhongzheng’s body swooped forward,Almost didn’t fall,Guan Hao hurriedly supported him。
Liao Zhongcheng said:“What do you mean,Murder?”
“You murdered me,When will I tell her to remarry?She never told me to remarry,Why did i hang her?”Guan Hao said aggrievedly。
Liao Zhongcheng sits upright again,Said:“Drive your car,Talk while walking。”
“I am walking on the trail,Just step on the accelerator。”Guan Hao said。
“Why don’t you lead me down the road?What’s your heart?”Liao Zhongcheng yelled at his proud old subordinate。
“You can catch up with those tails soon。”Guan Hao knew that the old man was playing irrational again。


One thousand four hundred and ninety-nine chapters How did you know
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“mom……It’s been so long,My injury has healed long ago,Why are you so nervous?……Really is。”
Liu Xiaoyun is even more embarrassed now。“I expose;Another time,Your daughter was shot,In the case of serious injury,Desperately used his body to roll the fuse of the explosive depot,Saved the lives of hundreds of our police and army soldiers,If not for her,The person standing here today,At least half of them have been
Sacrificed for a long time,including me!”
Yang Shiyun is really making fun of it on purpose……
“What are you doing……Did you deliberately tease me??”
Liu Xiaoyun is starting to feel uncomfortable,She is not afraid,I’m afraid that others will praise her so much。
“Why is this teasing you??Say it with your conscience,Are these facts??You say with conscience!Don’t speak without conscience。”
Qin Liang said straight away。
“Ok……I admit that what you said is true,But can you stop talking about it in the future??”
Liu Xiaoyun said helplessly。
Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxue,Murong Shan,Yanzi and Yang Shiyun said in unison……
“you guys!”
Liu Xiaoyun has completely lost his temper!Meet such a group of best friends,Also her luck。
“Xiaoyun is now the pride of your family!”
Murong Shan smiled and said。

Shen Ruoxue has nothing to say……

“I’ll learn from my brother-in-law,Your brother-in-law, I have so many abilities,Hehe。”
Qin Liang said triumphantly。
“I still don’t learn this cheeky skill,Brother-in-law, keep it for yourself。”
Shen Ruoxue’s naughty answer。
“You say you don’t learn?I’m so shameless!Can’t learn!Must learn!Don’t learn to spank you!”
Qin Liang pretended to say。
“Why?And forcing people not to learn well!”
Shen Ruoxue cried out in a fuss!
“I have a hasty!What you said is wrong!Thick skin is sometimes a good thing,It depends on what is going on,If I don’t have a thick skin,Can you chase your sister??It really is,Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang said triumphantly!But forgot that Yang Shiyun was standing in front of him!
Of course Meizi misunderstood again,She thought Qin Liang was talking about Yang Shiyun,So I smiled and looked at my master。
Yang Shiyun looks expressionless,It seems that she didn’t hear what Qin Liang said just now。

Peng Changyi glanced at Lao Hu,Thought,According to the division of labor at the last meeting,The job that Ren Xiaoliang is in charge of,Already transferred to Peng Changyi,Although there are no handover procedures,But it has become a fact。

So he said:“then what do I do?You can’t just go around when the situation is bad?”
Old Hu glanced at him,There was appreciation in his eyes,Said:“I guess Secretary Zhu is coming soon,You go upstairs。”
Peng Changyi said in his heart:I have a deputy secretary,Why should I listen to you as a janitor??Think again,It can only be so。
He said insincerely:“Thank you。”Just walk out of the reception room。
Lao Hu didn’t care about his attitude,Looking at his back and smiled meaningfully。
Peng Changyi came to the original party office in Beicheng,Because according to Zhu Guoqing last time,He swapped offices with the party office。But he came earlier,Can’t get into the office,During hesitation,I heard the sound of high heels,Someone comes downstairs。
Peng Changyi has a look,Is a girl of twenty-five and sixteen。Red jacket and black dress,Very white skin,Slightly fatter。I saw Peng Changyi in the corridor and said:“Secretary Peng,Please wait,I will open the door for you。”Talking room,I went into the party committee office next to me,It is the renovated office of Director Zhang who passed away not long ago。
Peng Changyi smiled at him,Nod,Wait in place。
The girl came out quickly with the key,After she opened the door to Peng Changyi,Open the window for him again,Then said:“I’ll fetch you water。”
Peng Changyi said:You tell me the place,I will fight by myself。”
Girl smiled,Said:“We have division of labor,I am in charge of your office。”Talking,Picked up two new thermos and walked out。
Peng Changyi didn’t stop her,Because the party-run people serve the leadership。now,He is already a member of the local party committee,Ranked third,Whether it is sanitation or boiling water,Everyone is responsible。
Thought of here,He has a kind of comfort,Looking at this newly renovated office,Although simple,But very clean,Tables, chairs and bookcases are new,There is a new army green steel tube bed against the wall,The bedding on the top is also military green,All new。
Office and lounge,This configuration is very common in villages and towns,Because the team members at the township level,Even in the evenings and holidays, even when encountering central work, they are on duty,and so,The office also functions as a dormitory。
He came to the window,Just saw the gate,I saw there were more people than before,Ren Xiaoliang hasn’t come yet。
He doesn’t know if it’s appropriate to hide,But the old janitor also made sense,I don’t understand the situation,I’m afraid I can’t say something,Make work passive。
Especially this kind of mass petitions,despite this,He still feels that he shouldn’t make a detour,One is that he can’t bear to ignore petitioners,Second, Zhu Guoqing knew that he avoided,Do you have ideas about yourself,So he is now eagerly looking forward to Zhu Guoqing coming soon。
He raised his watch from time to time。At this moment,He heard a rush of footsteps,Seems to walk inward from his door。By his judgment on footsteps,Zhu Guoqing should be here。
After he heard the sound of Zhu Guoqing opening the door,,After a while,Just knocked on the door and went in。Zhu Guoqing looked up and saw him,My face is a little better,Said:“coming。”

Jiang Fan holding her face,Said:“Go wash your face,Then we go,Old Xiao might have arrived at the unit long ago。”

“Old Xiao?”
“Yes,Secretary-General Xiao。”
“You told him?”
“Ha ha,Yes,I can’t tell without telling,Otherwise I can’t be too busy,I told him since the renovation in the first year,Let him warm up,He understood。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“As soon as he knew,Does everyone know?”
Jiang Fan said:“rest assured,I let him keep it secret,Say again,Today is saturday,The agency has rested except those on duty。”
Ding Yi said:“Aren’t we going to register?”
“Why do you go to work??”
Jiang Fan wiped a teardrop from her cheek with his finger,Said:“Little fool,The marriage registry office of the Civil Affairs Bureau is closed today,Lao Xiao arranged someone,Come to my office to handle it for us。”
“Oh,That’s it?Too troublesome?Oops,I didn’t even prepare sugar and cigarettes!”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“rest assured,Old Xiao is ready,In my office。”
After Ding Yi,Immediately opened his hand,Said:“Well,I go to wash my face。”Talking, Ran into the bathroom。
this time,She has no makeup,Just did a few usual moisturizing and skin care procedures,Then I didn’t forget on my lips,Put on a little lip gloss,This is the only place for makeup,Make your lips look vivid、More exciting。
After coming out,She looked at Jiang Fan,Said:“Jiang Fan,Can I wear makeup like this??”
Jiang Fan took her hand,Said:“Dear,Makeup can’t make you more beautiful,It disfigured you,You are born beautiful,Bing Qing Yujie,Natural,Nothing better than this。”

Yang Shiyun replied,Secretly observe the surrounding terrain,What she needs to do now,One is to find ways to make this man calm down,But try to delay,Waiting for the reinforcement police to arrive。

“You apologize to me,Hurry up,Otherwise I will kill her。”
The man continued to yell arrogantly。
“Good good,I apologize to you,Sorry,It’s my fault,please forgive me。”
Yang Shiyun really apologized,To ensure the safety of the hostages,She must do this。
Qin Liang still didn’t speak,He just looked at the man coldly,Watching his every move,He is waiting for the opportunity,As long as there is a chance,He will fly immediately and pounce on it。
“Are you going to let go??I ask you one last time!”
The man didn’t care about Yang Shiyun’s apology,But tried to escape again。
“Is this good,I’m your hostage,You put this woman out,She is already injured,You can’t run fast even if you take her。”
Yang Shiyun said again。
“I’ll die with her if I can’t run!This bitch is carrying me and looking for another man outside,Gave Lao Tzu a green hat,I wanted to kill her!”
Men are very evil,Then suddenly with the free hand,It’s a heavy slap on the face of the hostage!
“Hey!You calm down!”
Yang Shiyun immediately stopped him loudly。
The hostage cried immediately,The slap is not light!
“You have a fucking face to cry?You fucking lied to me that you were working overtime tonight,Are you fucking working overtime with that guy in the movie??”

“No need,Ha ha,I know,Girls who are too beautiful will cause a lot of trouble,What’s more, you three little beauties stay together。”

Luna said naughty。
“Actually it’s weird this time,I also held many meetings outside before,Participated in many activities,But there is rarely such a funny situation,Ugh……”
Chen is so dumbfounding,Made all the three girls around me amused。
“All right,Let’s go,to be frank,Took a one-night flight,I’m really hungry。”
Luna slightly stretched and said。
“it is good,Then let’s go。”
Chen Hao hurriedly agreed,Then I took Sun Feifei and Liu Rushi together,Left the room with Luna……
This is a sunny morning,Although the road has already been crowded,Everywhere there are people rushing to work,But this does not affect Chen Hao and their happy mood when they breathe the still cool air in the morning。
Of course they don’t know;Qin Liang and the other five dragon soul fighters,Have scattered and followed them not far behind。
“The restaurant on the side looks very upscale,Let’s go there to eat。”
while walking,Luna reaches out,Turning back to Chen Hao and the three of them。
“Listen to you,You decide。”Chen Hao nodded and agreed,Although she is the eldest sister of the four girls,But Chen Hao is used to being humble and frugal,Every time you encounter this kind of thing,She always gives way to others。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Five I don’t have that great ability
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So the four girls came outside the restaurant,I found an empty table and sat down。Maybe it’s because this restaurant is really high-end,So even though it’s during the morning rush hour,,But there are not many customers in the restaurant,not very big,But definitely not

“joke!That won’t work,The four of you,Unless we release the water,otherwise,We can kill the four of you,Don’t you all like that we deliberately let you win??”

Qin Liang said seriously。
“Yep,It’s boring if we deliberately win,Then you can assign teams quickly。”
Shen Ruoxue became very talkative,It seems that Qin Liang chose the right place。
“Four people in a team,Another team of five,Because the boss is too strong,So four to five is fair。”
Yang Zhi smiled and interjected。
“Row,Anything,You have the final say,What you say is what。”
Shen Ruoxue almost agreed without thinking.。
The team is divided quickly,Qin Liang Qiangzi took Shen Ruoxue and Li Qiaoer’s team,Yang Zhi,Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo lead a team of Liu Xiaoyun and Li Yaxin。
When the four little girls went to the locker room to change clothes and equipment,Qin Liang and the men whispered to conspiracy together again。
With a ring,“fighting”Officially kicked off……
There was silence all around,I can’t hear any sound at all!
Shen Ruoxue is holding a gun,Curled up behind a big iron bucket,She always felt that she shouldn’t choose such a place to hide,Because the goal is so obvious,Usually this kind of place is used to hide,So it is easy to cause“enemy”Vigilance。
But I was too nervous just now,Eager to invest“fighting”,So she just instinctively hid herself behind this big iron bucket without thinking.,When she notices a mistake,“fighting”It’s been several minutes!And this many minutes,Enough for the opposite“enemy”Enter the sniper shooting position,So now I want to change the hiding place,It’s too late。
Because I entered in four different places“battlefield”of,So Shen Ruoxue didn’t know Qin Liang at all,Where are Qiangzi and Li Qiao’er hiding now?,Where。
Everything depends on yourself!Shen Ruoxue thought silently in her heart,Then he clenched the gun in his hand again。
A slight noise came from not far away!Shen Ruoxue immediately became highly alert。
Who might be the other party,Accidental noise in action;But it may also be“Lead the snake out of the hole”,Intentional sound。
So the best way to deal with it,I just won’t move, I won’t move,The enemy moves……I’m still!This is just before the battle started,What Qin Liang told her and Li Qiaoer:Want to win?It’s easy to win,Just stay where you hide and stay still!
Qin Liang’s meaning is obvious:Motionless“Work”To Shen Ruoxue and Li Qiaoer,Moving“Work”Give it to him and Qiangzi,Theoretically,This is undoubtedly the best solution to victory!So Shen Ruoxue completely approved and accepted this arrangement at the time。


First236chapter No personality cult
“Haha,And what?”
Guan Hao asked with a smile:“Is it and it’s over if you don’t eat enough、Stepped down?Still embarrassed to say,Are you afraid that I will leave the stage??Haha,do not worry,I’m finished and step down, you will be in a different situation from him,He has only two ways,One is when the emperor is alive,One is to step down and die。How can he speak the same language as the Communist Party cadres??come——”
Xia Jihan didn’t mean to admit it。
Guan Hao waved to her,She walked over and sat on his long legs。He hugged her and said:“Did you think your metaphor was inappropriate?,That’s why I put out the theory of such a feature film?”
She nodded honestly。
“Lili,I found out that you are born to do TV,In other words, it is to do social topics,If you do not engage in this industry, it will be the most significant loss of our party’s TV career。”Guan Hao said。
“Giggle。”She laughed,Suddenly remembered a word he once said,Use it to borrow:“We don’t engage in personality worship now。”Finished,Covered his mouth and laughed。
“Don’t cover your mouth,Smile casually,is not it32Are the teeth exposed??”Finished,He hugged her tightly,Said without any preparation:“Lili,I’m so happy to see you laughing。I know you are wronged,I also know that you blame Luo Ting for the car accident,I feel bad too,This is something you shouldn’t bear。Long time,I hardly told you about her,Because I think that’s the page I turned over,But the relationship between his family and me and my family is inextricably linked,Sometimes it’s hard to turn over。Do you remember when your father was hospitalized in Shanghai??Originally I wanted to stay with you for two days,But her father and my old leader passed away,You might be thinking,All divorced,Why bother with this?Even if we have nothing to do,But various social relations are still,Can you understand?”
Guan Hao talked to Xia Jihan about these topics that he didn’t usually talk about or even deliberately avoided.。

“Brother-in-law,We haven’t seen each other for many days,Should you say something?”

Shen Ruoxue took Xiao Huahan’s arm,Said coquettishly。
“Sorry,Three princesses,I’m not your brother-in-law,Don’t make my mind……”
Xiao Huahan deliberately teased Shen Ruoxue。
at home,Because of Liu Xiaoyun’s relationship,So Shen Ruoxi is honored as the princess,Liu Xiaoyun is a little bit older than Shen Ruoxue,Naturally the second princess,Shen Ruoxue has to be the third princess,Murong Xiaoyao is the little princess。
This is the fourth princess of the Shen family。
“Or I can call your sister,You can be a man or a woman anyway,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxue ridiculed Xiao Huahan。
“You little girl movie!How to talk?Not big or small?I beat you up, right??”
Xiao Huahan is an embarrassment!
In fact, he is in front of the Shens,Pays attention to his own image,But the contact time is long,Everyone is familiar,He started to change back to his“Shemale”Identity,So everyone has already accepted this monster。
“Hey Hey,Good brother-in-law,Good sister,Buy us some snacks to comfort us,You see how difficult it is for us all day long,Wind and sun。”
Shen Ruoxue started to play Xiao Huahan。
“I’m going!We are only in Dechang,You little witch sharpened her knife and wanted to kill me?”
Xiao Huahan cried out with a pained expression on his face,Under excitement,I forgot to change the female voice!
“Brother-in-law,Don’t be so stingy,You are so rich,Don’t be so stingy……”