Teach you to be a welcome person!

Teach you to be a welcome person!

Maybe you are knowledgeable, maybe you can speak well, maybe you are elegant, but just having these, you may not be a popular person.

  In interpersonal relationships, whether other people like or hate your feelings is determined by your social level, taste, and the way you live.

It can also determine the success or failure of your career.

Therefore, in interpersonal communication, pay attention to cultivating from the following aspects, restrain personal qualities and cultivation, can effectively win the favor of others, and avoid annoying people.

  Modest and self-disciplined, do not compete with young men and women who are new to the society, accept new knowledge and new ideas quickly, and have a pioneering and innovative spirit. This is a rare talent advantage.It is easy for the capital of Caiwu to fall into the misunderstanding of arrogance and competition.

In social situations, no matter how rich your own knowledge and how sharp your eloquence is, you should always restrain yourself with humility.

In this way, personal prestige and image will never be affected, but it will make you a very popular person.

  Gentle drizzle, don’t export to hurt people. In real life, there are a lot of people who hate people because of unsatisfactory words, sharp words or “knife mouth tofu heart”.

It is the so-called “the mistake of the film word, which can arouse a thousand mouths.”

Excitement and generosity, people who dare not speak, the other side will have a spicy reaction; Chen Yi obscure, clumsy words, the other side will have a bitter reaction; blindly complaining, begging everywhere, the other side will have a shabby reaction; good cold arrows, hurt peopleThe more you hurt, the faster you think, the more painful the reaction will be.

  In order to avoid hurting people, it is advisable to think carefully and then “speak”. It is not advisable to speak straight, to be gentle with the wind, and not to be insinuated with sand.

Before speaking, at least you must consider the question: whether he is willing to listen to you.

If you are willing to listen to you, you do n’t want to listen to it.

At the same time, be good at thinking in other places. If your “Jinkouyuyan” tells you, are you happy or unhappy?

In this way, this undesirable problem will gradually be corrected.

  It is reasonable to forgive people. Don’t be stubborn and aggressive against young people. It is easy to get excited when things happen. Especially when you think you are right, you are more straightforward and aggressive.

Because no one is perfect, no one is a saint. How can there be no mistake in speaking and doing things?

  Everyone has a bad mood. If the other person’s words are unpleasant or even disgusting, you might as well turn a deaf ear.

If the other party ‘s behavior is not pleasing to the eyes and does not prevent you from seeing it, why take it too seriously, you have to compare your blood sugar, and you are chasing after it.

  Respect others, don’t be “official”. The so-called “official ambition” means that some people only allow others to respect themselves, but they do not respect others.

If you inadvertently develop this kind of bad habit when dealing with people, you will be disgusted by everyone.

Respect for others is not only a norm of a person’s behavior, but also a credible image of a person in interpersonal communication. No matter what you do, disrespect others, your image in people’s minds will be greatly reduced, let alone “official”.Full and boring of life.

  Check the words and deeds, don’t probe into the people who have just stepped into the society. They are new to everything, so they are willing to break the casserole and ask.

As everyone knows, the people in the society are complex. In order to protect their own safety, there are many things that everyone does not want others to know.

Therefore, in addition to close people or friends who are very familiar, generally do not ask about the private life of others.

Sometimes in order to express your expectations, you also need to ask others for their consent and wait for others to tell you voluntarily.

If the other party is willing to tell you something, you should never spread the “private things” you know as news.

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