How to make eyelashes longer


How to make eyelashes longer

Guide: The only way to make eyelashes long is to apply mascara.

Beauty experts will teach you how to make your eyelashes longer. Here are a few steps to apply mascara, as long as you follow these steps to learn.

Even short eyelashes can become very long!

If you do n’t know how to brush your eyelashes, hurry up and learn, it works!

  How to make eyelashes longer1.

Use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes in order from the outermost tip to the middle root, in order to avoid the irreparable large angle caused by the root clamp first.

The eyelashes clipped in this way are naturally curled and can reach 80 degrees.


If you want to make your eyes look good, you can use the special eyelash curler to clip the outer eyelashes. This will make the eyes look bigger.


How to make the eyelashes longer, when you first draw the eyeliner, start from the heel, and draw a thin line with the eyelashes growing tightly, about 0 wide.


2 cm, slightly upward to the end of the eye, and slightly over the contour of the eye, so that the contour of the eye will be more obvious.

Lower eyeliner just needs to draw the end of the eye to the middle of the eye, so that the eyes look more natural.

Here is a reminder of the single eyelid MM. In order to avoid making the eyes look smaller, you can only draw from the lower eyelid tail to the front, to 1/3 or 1/2 of the eye length, and the upper eyeliner need not be painted.

But if you stick a double eyelid sticker, it’s another matter.


When applying mascara, repeat the application from the root of the eyelashes up to the fullest volume in a zigzag pattern.

The eyelashes near the eyes are always the most sparse and not easy to brush. You can straighten the mascara to strengthen the eyelashes one by one.

Finally, apply curling mascara twice on the outer corners of the eyelashes to make it more visible.

When applying eyelashes, you can use a small brush head. Partial type mascara is brushed left and right first, and the lower eyelashes are rolled around to make the eyes larger and the eyes more three-dimensional.

  How to make your eyelashes longer, if you let the mascara dry back to life: (1) add eye drops.

It only takes 2 drops and shake well.

Remember not to slam it. This is too much, but the original waterproof effect is gone, it will easily make you a panda.

  (2) Add toner.

This method is also learned from the TV. It is said that as long as 2-3 drops, the dried mascara can be used again, but this pick, please be careful, don’t be too much, otherwise the mascara will become liquid.Can’t brush it, especially the fiber mascara.

  The mascara has been used for a long time, and the bacteria in the air will enter the bottle in large quantities, thus breeding a lot of bacteria.

This is why many MMs use mascara the more they brush, the more itchy the eyes.

That’s why I don’t buy too expensive mascara right now.

Haha, as long as it is dense enough and long enough, waterproof and anti-staining, the effect is good.

Message from the editor: Beauty experts recommend that the mascara used by MM not exceed 3 months.

If you haven’t run out yet, it’s best to buy another one.

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