Psychological incentives to steal women’s happiness

Psychological incentives to steal women’s happiness

Guide: Women are born with delicate minds, are extremely sensitive to everything, and like to compare. As a result, they always find that their lives are not satisfactory, but have you ever thought that this kind of psychology is stealing your happiness.

  1. Not good at discovering that there are many positive and good aspects of life on the sunny side, but many people ignore them, “only see their misfortune, ignore their happiness”, “enlarge the happiness of others, shrink”His own happiness” is its true portrayal.

  In order to attract the attention of some media, some of the events in life also hyped up and reported.

Although satisfying people’s curiosity to a certain extent, it also reduces people’s positive attitude.

  2. Lack of faith After 20 years of sprint-like wealth race, some people, apart from making money, don’t know what the goals and pursuits in life are, or even what they want.

This lack of convictions and ideals makes it difficult to produce long-term, happy happiness.

  3, the old love is more modern people put their main energy into the competition, than the position, the room, the wealth . than the exchange, people’s hearts are left to look, there is no happiness.

Once people are not seeking how to be happy, but how to be happier than others, happiness is far away from you.

  4. I do n’t know about dedication. A study by Harvard University in the United States has shown that helping people in life makes them feel happier.

But in modern society, there are fewer and fewer people who are selfless and dedicated, and more and more trivial people.

If you finally figure out “what can I get from it” and “it’s not worth it to do this”, you will live very well.

  5. Not satisfied. As the saying goes, “satisfied people are always happy”, but fewer and fewer people can be satisfied. With a house, they want to change the size, they have a job, they want to change, and they have money to earn more .… These desires have caused people to endlessly toil and toil, forcing them to climb up to the “brilliant” summit.

  6. Mutual distrust Society Although communication is highly developed, people’s hearts are gradually distant.

Nowadays people are more and more skeptical of the “right brain” thinking mode, while the right brain is in charge of individuals, strength, locality, etc., and the feeling of happiness is 0.

Happiness comes from the feeling of the left brain. Many times it is not that there is less happiness in life, and some people no longer grasp the ability to feel happiness.

  7, too worried about the return of home purchases, child rearing, family support burdens, etc .; work pressure due to workplace tensions caused by tension; the handling of interpersonal relationships among friends and colleagues has become the “source of stress” for Chinese.

In big cities, no matter the elderly, young people or children, they are often in a state of restless anxiety, which makes people unable to realize happiness from the bottom of their hearts.

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