Eating traditional fermented foods helps fight aging

Eating traditional fermented foods helps fight aging

Natto helps women to survive menopause Many Japanese breakfast is a bowl of natto with rice; and as long as the older Japanese mothers how to spend menopause, the secret recipe is “natto”.

  Natto is a processed soybean product that is fermented after cooking.

Soy protein is decomposed due to fermentation, and its nutritional value is easier to absorb, especially vitamin B2, which is four times more than ordinary soy content. It is a vitamin necessary for mild and sugar metabolism.Fatigue has a direct effect.

  The “Nattokinase” often heard in recent years has been researched and proven to be able to dissolve blood clots and prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Generally, thrombosis occurs in the morning, which is why many Japanese eat natto at breakfastIs considered to be a very effective diet.

  Natto’s zinc and flavonoids can supplement estrogen deficiency in the body, not only can significantly improve menopausal symptoms, but also contain calcium and vitamin K2, can also prevent female osteoporosis.

  Miso is anti-cancer and anti-aging. In addition to natto, miso is indispensable on the Japanese table.

Miso is made by fermenting soy beans, rice noodles and common salt. It is called the change from the Chinese “soy sauce”, but it abandoned the wheat glutinous fermentation method and switched to rice glutinous rice mixed with soybeans.

  Experts mentioned that although the mechanism is unknown, secondary metabolites of legume fermentation products have also been found to inhibit tumor growth.

The Research Center of the National Cancer Institute of Japan pointed out that women who drank more than three bowls of miso soup per day had a 40% lower risk of breast cancer than women who drank only one bowl a day; women who drank two bowls a day also had a lower risk of cancer%.

Another Japanese study also found that miso can prevent gastric cancer, and those who drink a bowl of miso soup every day are only likely to suffer from stomach cancer if they don’t drink miso soup.

  Miso is also obese soy isoflavones, which can prevent menopausal disorders and osteoporosis.

The vitamin E, Daidzein, and Sapponin also have antioxidant effects, which helps prevent aging.

  Experts mentioned that miso is rich in iron, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and other minerals, and the iron contained in blood is calcium and iron.

  Kimchi prevents cancer and aids weight loss There is a saying in South Korea that “Kimchi is half a grain”. No matter how luxurious the banquet diet, Kimchi is on the table.

Before winter, every household uses about 100?
Picking 150 cabbage is the most important chore of the year.

  Kimchi menu is a kind of food. Kimchi also contains a variety of lactic acid bacteria, the bacteria content per gram is about 107?
10.9 billion, which is the same as the national standard. Yogurt must have the same bacteria content. Therefore, it has been selected as one of the world’s top five healthy foods by the United States “Health” magazine.

  Studies have also found that will marinate 2?
Three weeks of kimchi extract, added to intestinal cancer cells, can reduce a large amount of more than 70% in a short time; it has also been found that kimchi can prolong the survival of anti-aging cells, and the survival rate is as high as 80%.

  In addition, the capsaicin contained in the pickled chili peppers can promote slight burning and lower cholesterol. It is an ancestral secret for Korean women to maintain their figure.

The spicyness of kimchi can also promote gastric acid secretion and help digestion and absorption.

  Experts also mentioned that in addition to the rich dietary fiber eaten in kimchi, phytase enzymes in microorganisms are activated by fermentation.
90% of phytic acid is decomposed, and lactic acid bacteria will also produce small molecules of organic acids, which is beneficial to the human body’s absorption of minerals such as iron and zinc, increasing bioavailability.

  Stinky tofu enhances immunity When you go to the night market, do you like to buy a stinky tofu?

Recently, stinky tofu has also been studied and found to introduce plant-based lactic acid bacteria.

Experts said that the marinade of stinky tofu is mainly composed of amaranth, mustard or some substitute vegetables, and the protein contained in dried tofu, thus achieving a stable lactic acid bacteria phase.

  ”Smelly tofu is a kind of fermented food with local characteristics. There is not much related research in the past, but the bacteria in the marinade of stinky tofu is very complicated. It is conservatively estimated that there are at least one million species.”In particular, the “smelly tofu” recently discovered in 2009 at this stage has a strong ability to improve immunity and should be used in the development of probiotics in the future.

  However, the experts have also killed the lactic acid bacteria in the process of frying. If you want to eat the lactic acid bacteria in the stinky tofu, I am afraid that it can only be processed into health food by biological extraction.

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